One of them was tried in the Club World Cup in Morocco.. “IFAP” rejects two French proposals related to arbitration

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) rejected a French proposal to adopt a microphone suspension technology with the referee of the arena, allowing viewers on television to hear what is going on between the referee and the players during the match.

And the French newspaper " Le Figaro" confirmed that this experience will not see the light again, whether in the French League or even in the final match of the French Cup between Nantes and Toulouse, which will be held tomorrow, as it was scheduled to be tested for the second time in French stadiums.

And the “Amazon” platform published – through its official account on “Twitter” – a video clip of the experience during the Lyon and Nantes match in the French League, which took place on the 18th of last month, within the 28th round of “League One”.

And the French newspaper highlighted statements by the head of the Referees Committee of the French Federation, Eric Borghini, in which he said, “We have taken a step towards establishing a direct voice system for referees according to the desire of clubs, referees, league officials and the Executive Committee of the French Federation, but IFAB answered with no approval. We can now only give up this position.” .

He added, "We are really disappointed about this situation. We had real enthusiasm for this idea, which met with a French consensus. We respect the decision, but we will continue to press for its adoption. We do not give up."

Meanwhile, Borghini confirmed that the French Cup final referees will be equipped with microphones for “learning and transparency” purposes only, and this will not be available to spectators on television.

Borghini confirmed that IFAB also refused to try explaining the decisions of the video referee (VAR) technology to the audience in the stadium, which was applied by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) in the last edition of the Club World Cup, which Morocco hosted between the first From February 2023 and 11 of it, and he will test it again in the FIFA U-20 Youth World Cup, scheduled for the period between May 20 and June 11 of the same year.

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