Shoes that are not suitable for diabetics.. Get to know them

The German Federal Center for Health Awareness said that open shoes such as sandals and slippers are not suitable for patients with diabetes, and it is also not permissible for patients to walk with bare feet.

The German center explained this by the fact that diabetics do not feel pain in the foot or feel it in a small way due to nerve fibrosis or poor blood flow, and often the discovery of small wounds comes very late.

This may result in an infection that leads to ulcers, and in the worst case, it may lead to amputation of the foot.

Feet protection

To avoid these risks, the Federal Center recommended diabetic patients to protect their feet from wounds by wearing closed and appropriately sized shoes.

They also have to check their feet daily with a mirror, for example, taking into account the speed of going to the doctor when noticing any small wound.

Diabetes.. Symptoms and complications. Blood sugar infographic. Diabetic infographic. Diabetes

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