Erdogan: The Altay tank will represent an important force for the Turkish army Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that the new Altay tank will represent an important point of strength for the Turkish army in the region, describing it as "the jewel of Turkish defense industries." Erdogan was speaking while attending the ceremony for the Turkish army to receive the new tank, which was held in the state of Sakarya (northwest of the country). The Turkish president praised the new tank, saying that it is different from the prototype that was first unveiled 10 years ago, and has high capabilities, adding that it exceeds the level of the third generation by equipping it with advanced armor and a superior protection system. On the date of the start of serial production of the "Altay" tank, Erdogan made it clear that this will take place as soon as the Turkish army completes its tests on it, stressing that it will be an important point of strength in the hands of the Turkish armed forces. defense industries At the same time, Erdogan pointed out that his country occupies an advanced position in the world in the defense industries, and it also provided its forces with various types of light and medium-sized ground marches, and it came close to meeting all its needs in the field of military vehicles with its local capabilities. The Turkish president said that the number of defense industry projects rose from 62 projects in 2002 with a budget of 5.5 billion dollars, to more than 750 projects at the present time, with a budget of 75 billion dollars. He also praised the Turkish achievements on the military and technological levels during the past few days, referring in this regard to the handing over of the country's largest ship "TCG Anadolu" to the naval forces, the conduct of tests of the "Qizil Elma" drone warplane, the launch of the "Imega" satellite, and the testing of Flight of the Gokbay helicopter with a homemade engine.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praised the new "Altay" tank, and said that it would represent an important point of strength for the Turkish army in the region.

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