A military clash and a catastrophic result… Analysts explain the reasons that triggered the situation in Sudan

The dispute surfaced and took the form of armed confrontations between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces. The confrontations continued and expanded to expect more deaths and injuries in order to control vital sites. What are the reasons for the outbreak of the situation in Sudan?

Regarding the reasons behind the military confrontation in Sudan, the advisor at the Higher Academy of Strategic and Security Studies, Mutassim Abdel Qader Al-Hassan – in his interview with the "Beyond the News" program (16/4/2023) – explained that what brought Sudan to this level of escalation is that the support forces The rapid movement of its forces became according to its whims and away from the general command of the Sudanese Armed Forces, which caused a conflict in the military position, and Sudan became as if it had two armies instead of being one army.

He also stressed that the Sudanese Armed Forces consider division from it a very sensitive matter and a rebellion against the national army, describing the matter as related to a military rebellion, not a political one, which made the armed forces declare the Rapid Support Forces a rebel militia and hold them responsible for all the bloodshed in Sudan.

Rapid Support Forces

On the other hand, Musa Khaddam Muhammad, advisor to the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, held the head of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, the political and military, responsible for the explosion of the situation, due to what he called Al-Burhan’s ambition and his attempt to control the rule of the country, describing the October 25 measures as a full-fledged coup carried out by Al-Burhan. With the support of the shadow brigades of the former Sudanese regime.

Regarding the legitimacy of the Rapid Support Forces, he said that they are Sudanese forces that were established according to a law by a decision of the President of the Republic, and they have their own tasks, competencies and powers, stressing that until now the reasons under which the Rapid Support Forces were established have not disappeared.

As for the former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, David Shin, he described what is happening in Sudan as catastrophic, because the struggle for power led to the collapse of the country, and said that the current crisis may end with a military victor, but there will be no real victor.

Shin expressed his conviction that the two military frameworks (the National Army and the Rapid Support Forces) should have been merged. However, there was no agreement between them on the timeline, which led to the collapse of trust between them and the outbreak of a military confrontation in the country.


The Peace and Security Council of the African Union expressed its deep concern over the bloody clashes and called on the fighting parties in a statement after an emergency meeting in Addis Ababa to immediately cease fire without conditions, and to quickly adopt a peaceful solution and inclusive dialogue.

The African Union had called on the international community to support the Union's initiative to stop the fighting and establish calm in Sudan. It also called on the UN Security Council to stop the fighting and restore security and urged the parties to the conflict to return to dialogue to resolve the current crisis in Sudan.

As for the Sudanese interior, a leader in the "Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Council" said that Al-Burhan and Hamidati should not look at their personal interests and should sit in dialogue to reach solutions to avoid civil war in Sudan.

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