Systematic attacks against Muslims… The suspicious activity of Hindu nationalists under the microscope

A report published by the "Global Village Space" website revealed that the suspicious activity of Hindu nationalists has come under the spotlight after the recent ruling by the Indian Supreme Court and calls by Muslims to put an end to the attacks perpetrated against them by Hindu extremists.

The report added that judicial rulings and human rights appeals imposed a kind of pressure on the government of Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party because of its evidence of incidents amounting to an "organized campaign against Muslims."

And raised the growing attacks of Hindu extremists against Muslims in India many question marks about the backgrounds of those attacks and their causes and the real goals behind them.

Note – the site continues – that Modi's party has a paramilitary base, the "Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh RSS", which includes about 5 million members.

Important court ruling

At the end of last month, the Indian Supreme Court issued an important ruling, in which it described the state as "helpless" for failing to rein in hate speech across the country, and made it clear that this situation can only be ended when politics and religion are separated from political conflicts.

The reasons for the ruling stated that every day marginal elements make speeches to defame others, whether on television or in public forums, and the problem only comes to the surface when politicians confuse politics and religion. The judges stressed that the moment politics and religion are separated, hate speech will end.

hate gatherings

The court justified dropping contempt charges against the Maharashtra government for failing to act on police reports of hate speech incidents.

According to the "Global Village Spice" report, Indian media have reported more than 50 anti-Muslim gatherings in Maharashtra since November, during which protesters called for a social boycott of Muslims and not marrying them to thwart the "love jihad".

Hindu extremists accuse Muslim men of marrying Hindu women to convert to Islam. Hindu extremists also protest against Muslim control of public lands and places to build Islamic religious buildings.

The report emphasized that these rallies were organized by a Hindu nationalist group called "Sakal Hindu Samaj", many of whose members work under the banner of the paramilitary organization "Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh".

Although the Bharatiya Janata Party distanced itself from those mass gatherings, a number of its parliamentarians and officials attended a number of those gatherings and spoke during them.

electoral paper

According to the report, observers believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party sees sectarian tensions as a card to attract votes, and therefore it is not surprising that hate speech intensifies whenever the date of any election is near.

The report indicated that the Hindu party has failed since it came to power to achieve internal balances, and confirmed its lack of a sound vision to build a foreign policy that protects India's interests and does not antagonize foreign parties.

The site wondered about religious gatherings and Hindu paramilitary organizations, and was surprised how hostile they are to Muslims, but at the same time expecting them to submit and not engage in reactions.

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