The German authorities forcibly take a Muslim child from his family..and the police suspend

The German authorities were subjected to harsh criticism after the spread of a video clip that showed a Muslim migrant child being forcibly removed from his family in the northern city of Bremerhaven, according to Anadolu Agency.

The video clip – which was widely circulated on social media – showed policemen and the Child Protection Agency entering a house and forcibly taking a young child from his family, while the frightened child was crying for help and trying to resist the officers.

Family members were seen shouting at the officers, telling them that the little boy had some health problems, that he was upset and that he should not be kept away from them.

A police officer was heard telling the family that the decision was made by the court and the Youth Welfare Office, and that they were there to carry out the court order.

Activists said on the platforms that the "Youth Welfare Office" extracted – with the help of the police – the child from his family after a complaint from his school, claiming that his family taught him discrimination against "homosexuality", given that it is unacceptable in Islam.

For its part, the police in the city of Bremerhaven issued an explanatory statement yesterday, Saturday, in which it said that the allegations circulating about the reason for the removal of the child from his family are nothing but “false allegations,” and called for an end to their circulation.

Bremerhaven police explained that the action taken against the child involved a joint process between it and the “Youth Welfare Office”, which obtained approval from the court to take the child from his family, and the police intervened to assist the office in completing this procedure.

"Taking children into foster homes is always a last resort, and only happens if there are serious reasons. We ask for your understanding, and in order to protect the family and children we cannot offer any other explanations," the police said in their statement.

According to German local reports, the past two years have witnessed an increase in the number of migrant children in particular, who are placed in the care homes of the Youth Welfare Office in Germany.

According to a report on the German “NTV” network, quoting the Federal Statistical Office, that about 47,500 children were temporarily placed in care homes in 2021, an increase of 5% over the year 2020, while the number of children who were taken to care homes in 2017. About 61 thousand and 300 children.

Source : Al Jazeera + Anatolia + social media sites + Sanad Agency

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