Ask your colleagues not to speak so harshly at our door: Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Umar Atta Bandyal, has asked Attorney General Mansoor Usman not to talk harshly about the judges at the gate of the court and in the big house (Parliament).

On Wednesday, the review petition of the Election Commission was heard on the order of the Supreme Court to hold elections in Punjab on May 14.


The Attorney General said in the court that some remarks yesterday caused a misunderstanding.

He said that the Chief Justice's statement is not correct as to why the points raised by the Election Commission were not raised in the court first.

According to the Attorney General, the second point was that the federal government remained stuck in the cycle of the decision of the first four or three judges.

According to the Attorney General, these points were raised and it was said that if there are elections in one province, there is a possibility of affecting the election of the National Assembly.

The Attorney General said that in his reply he had also mentioned the decision of 4/3.

The Chief Justice said that you should not panic, the court is sitting to listen to you, if any reasonable point is raised, they will review it and decide. Not done.

The Chief Justice said that the revision jurisdiction was discussed yesterday, the past will not be used against the government.

The Chief Justice said that they are sitting here for the pleasure of Allah and not the government. They have made many sacrifices and are sitting here.

The Chief Justice asked the Attorney General to tell his colleagues not to talk like this at our door.

The Chief Justice said that the conversation in the House should not be harsh, we are working for Allah that is why we are sitting quietly, the entity we are working for is also doing its work.

The Chief Justice said that you are sitting with Qalb Salim in the court, don't make excuses.

The Attorney General said he wanted to open the case after the outgoing impression that these points were raised in the original case.

The Chief Justice said that don't care about the things that are going out, they are also saying about us that Mercedes was sent.

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