In one of its main royal halls… Controversy and resentment in Egypt to convert Abdeen Palace into a Ramadan tent

Video footage of Iftar and Suhoor parties inside ancient palaces in Egypt sparked controversy over the extent to which these historical places can be opened to public use by the public to become restaurants, in a way that is not commensurate with their historical value.

The discussion began about the royal palaces and their availability to organize food parties since last year in the Dome Palace, and the controversy renewed in the current Ramadan about Abdeen Palace (central Cairo), in which pioneers shared video clips of a breakfast party inside one of the main royal halls in it, amid questions about the feasibility of the matter. And the extent of its danger to the history of the place and its archaeological value.

A restaurant inside Abdeen Palace opens electronic reservations to the public, and serves Ramadan meals accompanied by concerts and singing.

A large number of people interacted with the video clip, and Khaled Tahoun wrote, "You are not trustworthy about Egypt's heritage, history, and antiquities, and everything has become available for sale and purchase."

And he added that these places are not intended for use, to be public places that can accommodate large numbers of people.. Please stop these charades.

Zizi Abu Zeid commented: A farce by all accounts, this is evidence of the Ministry of Tourism's inability to promote visiting ancient palaces as an honorable facade for Egypt that exploits the place in a shameful and inappropriate way.

On the other hand, the journalist Abdel Wahed Ashour was surprised by his refusal to employ historical palaces, and said that this is not a heresy, as all countries benefit from the palaces that they do not use, and the Abdeen Palace for those who do not know is the oldest presidential palace, and it has not been used for years, and part of it has been made a luxurious restaurant to promote tourism We must change our thinking.

Abdeen Palace is one of the most luxurious historical palaces in Egypt, and it was built during the rule of the Muhammad Ali family, and in addition to its archaeological and museum value, it has a historical status, as it witnessed many of the prominent events that Egypt experienced from the royal era, until the July Revolution of 1952.

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