On the anniversary of the Nakba.. the meeting of the Palestinian President and Muhammad Ramadan in New York raises criticism and ridicule


The meeting of the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, with the Egyptian singer and actor, Mohamed Ramadan, yesterday, Tuesday, in New York, topped the discussion of the Palestinian and Egyptian platforms, amid a wave of ridicule and harsh criticism on social media.

Ramadan published pictures of the meeting that brought them together through his accounts, and wrote on it, commenting, "In New York today, I had the honor to meet Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, President of the dear and beloved State of Palestine."

On Tuesday, Abbas delivered a speech at the official event organized by the United Nations at its headquarters in New York, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba of the Palestinian people, for the first time since 1948.

meeting and controversy

Activists circulated a video clip – posted by the Egyptian actor on Instagram – documenting an aspect of the Palestinian President's welcome to him, as the meeting began with a welcome: Welcome, how are you, here we are finally meeting you, we heard about you for a long time all the good news and great art.

The photos of the meeting, which bloggers considered "surprising," sparked a wave of controversy and criticism against Abbas, against the background of his meeting with the controversial actor, especially since it came a few days after the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and the bombing of civilian homes.

Others attacked Abbas, criticizing the meeting, and mentioned Ramadan's well-known position on "normalization with the occupation", especially his famous photo in 2020, in which he embraced the Israeli singer Omer Adam, before he justified that by not knowing the identity of this person.

Through the communication sites, tweeters asked several questions to both sides of the meeting about the nature of the "topics they discussed together," as well as comments that took the form of humor and sarcasm.

Comments and sarcasm

The Palestinian writer and political analyst, Yasser Al-Zaatrah, said: Abbas and Ramadan! After his pleading speech at the United Nations on the anniversary of the Nakba, in which he shouted (Protect us); (..) After the speech, Mahmoud Abbas received the actor or singer, Mohamed Ramadan; Praising his "great art"! What a bad luck for our people."

Journalist Alaa Hashem tweeted, "In case you are wondering what the President of Palestine is doing one day after the cessation of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and on the anniversary of the Nakba, know that he and his team are busy meeting Muhammad Ramadan, taking pictures with him, and distributing medals, and I do not know who has awarded him a diplomatic passport as he does." Or is he delaying his generosity a little bit?

And another sarcastically expressed, "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with the artist, Muhammad Ramadan, to talk about the latest efforts to get rid of the occupation and the family of Fathallah," referring to the last Ramadan series.

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