According to a document leaked from the Pentagon.. American reports confirm Mossad's involvement in the demonstrations against Netanyahu, and the agency is lying

The Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service (Mossad) denied today, Sunday, US press reports that it was involved in encouraging demonstrations against the "judicial reform" plan adopted by the right-wing government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hours ago, The Washington Post and The New York Times reported that among secret documents recently leaked from the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon), an intelligence document says that senior officials in the Mossad encouraged employees of The apparatus and citizens of Israel, to participate in protests against the government.

Netanyahu's office denied – in a statement on behalf of the Mossad – these reports, saying that "everything that was published last night in the American press is completely false and unfounded," according to the "Kan" channel affiliated with the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

He added that "the Mossad and its officials did not encourage and do not encourage the employees of the agency to demonstrate against the government or political demonstrations in general or any political activity."

The statement also stated that the Mossad and its current officials "did not deal at all" with the issue of the demonstrations, and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office confirmed that they "remained loyal to the values of the state that have guided the apparatus since its inception," on December 13, 1949.

Yesterday evening, Saturday, Israeli cities witnessed protests for the 14th consecutive week against the government's plan to reform the judiciary, despite Netanyahu's announcement to suspend it.

According to its leaders, the most prominent of whom is former Prime Minister Yair Lapid, the opposition says that the plan in its current form is tantamount to "the end of democracy" and the beginning of a "dictatorial era" in Israel, and describes it as an "authoritarian coup," while Netanyahu asserts that his plan aims to restore balance between (judicial) powers. executive and legislative).

The controversial plan limits the powers of the Supreme Court (the highest judicial body), and gives the government coalition control over the judge appointment committee.

Under the weight of strikes and mass demonstrations, Netanyahu announced in late March the suspension of his plan until the summer session of the Knesset (parliament), which begins on April 30 and lasts for 3 months, until a dialogue is held with the opposition, but he said he would not abandon it.

Immediately after suspending his plan, President Isaac Herzog announced the start of hosting dialogue sessions between coalition and opposition parties to bridge views, while Israeli organizations leading the protest announced the continuation of the demonstration, questioning Netanyahu's intention.

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