Baisakhi Mela and three-day celebrations of 324th Khalsa birth day ended in Hasan Abdal, Sikh pilgrims expressed gratitude for the arrangements, slogans of Pakistan Zindabad

بیساکھی میلہ اور 324ویں خالصہ جنم دن کی تین روزہ تقریبات حسن ابدال میں اختتام پذیر ،سکھ یاتریوں کا انتظامات پر اظہار تشکر،پاکستان زندہ باد کے نعرے

Islamabad. April 14 (APP): Baisakhi Mela, the traditional festival of the Sikh religion and the three-day celebrations of the 324th Khalsa birth day ended at Guru Dwara Panja Sahib Hasan Abdal. Sikh pilgrims expressed their gratitude for the arrangements. Slogan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairman Board Habib-ur-Rehman Geelani expressed special thanks for this. According to details, Sikh pilgrims from all over the world, including India, participated in the three-day celebrations of their traditional festival Baisakhi Mela and 324th Khalsa Janam Day.

In the closing ceremony of the three-day fair, Chairman Mutukah Waqf Property Board Habib-ur-Rehman Geelani participated as the chief guest. Addressing the event, he congratulated the Sikhs on Khalsa Janma Day and said that the minorities in Pakistan have full protection and they perform their religious rituals freely. He said that Baba Guru Nanak established the library and museum. is going.

He said that it is our constitutional duty to take the best measures for the pilgrims on behalf of the Trust Board, the restoration of the religious places of the minorities, the construction of new rooms, decoration and decoration are going on rapidly, the valuable land worth billions of rupees has been handed over to the Trust Board. He said that it is our duty to honor the coming pilgrims so that our positive side is highlighted in the world, that is the reason why the number of pilgrims coming from all over the world including neighboring countries has doubled. Additional Secretary Shrines Rana Shahid while speaking said that the best arrangements have been made on the direction of the Chairman Board, it is a pleasure to appreciate the accommodation, security, anchorage and other arrangements from the pilgrims. Aramarjit Singh Bhilpuri said that it is a pleasure to see the construction, development and renovation of Guru Dwars, we are praying for the prosperity of Guru's land.

Deputy Party Leader Sardar Balwinder Singh said that Pakistan and Muslims are an example of hospitality, we have no words to thank. Deputy Party Leader Joginder Kaur said that we are grateful for the exceptional arrangements for transport, food and security for the convenience of the pilgrims, the arrangements for women Sikh pilgrims are especially commendable. Thanked the Government of Pakistan and Chairman Board.

Board Secretary Nasir Akram, Deputy Secretary Saifullah Khokhar, Board Member Sardar Partab Singh, Board Spokesman Aamir Hussain Hashmi, Sardar Stowant Singh, Dr. Mampal Singh, Administrator Noor Aslam, Deputy Administrator Yasir Asghar Monga, Caretaker Ismatullah, Atiq Gilani were present in the ceremony. and others also participated. Extraordinary security arrangements were made on this occasion. Sardar Amir Singh, Pradhan of Bandhak Committee on Pakistan Singh Gurudwara, said that the Sikh pilgrims from all over the world, including India, were satisfied and happy with the love and hospitality. On this occasion, the Gurdwara Sahib was beautifully decorated. Medical facilities were also arranged for the pilgrims, where doctors, nurses and other staff were on duty round the clock.

Pilgrims performed Akhand Path, Akhnaan for healing and performed their other rituals at the Gurdwara. The Interpreter Board thanked the media representatives and said that due to the excellent coverage, the good name of Pakistan has increased worldwide. At the end of the ceremony. Gifts were presented to the chief guests and pilgrims. And later Yatris were sent to Lahore under tight security.

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