Security alert in New York in anticipation of Trump's appearance in court

Agence France-Presse reported that New York police officers have been put on alert, and that the police service remains ready to respond to any emergency if necessary during the appearance of former US President Donald Trump before the court on Tuesday evening.

A spokesman for the New York Police Department said that the police will ensure that everyone can exercise their rights in a peaceful manner, adding that there are currently no credible threats.

And Reuters reported that the New York police put metal barriers around Trump Tower, and closed the roads around the criminal court in Manhattan, where the former US president will appear to face charges, on top of which is the purchase of the silence of a pornographic actress in 2016, and he is the first former or current US president to face criminal charges.

Trump describes the judicial investigation with him as a political stalking, while his supporters, including Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor, announced that they would go to New York next Tuesday to protest in front of the Criminal Court in Manhattan.

criminal charge

The Associated Press quoted sources familiar with the matter as saying that President Trump faces at least one criminal charge in the indictment, which was approved by a grand jury in Manhattan.

The agency said the former president faces multiple other charges of falsifying commercial records, which will also be revealed on Tuesday.

It is expected that Trump will be read the list of charges against him, and his fingerprints and a picture will be taken of him, as are the procedures followed against any accused, but the handcuffs will not be placed in his hands.

Trump's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, said that his client is facing a case of political persecution in the case brought against him in New York.

Bloomberg had quoted an informed source as saying that Trump's legal team feared that the former Republican president would not receive a fair trial in Manhattan, New York.

The same source stated that the legal team is studying the request to transfer the case from Manhattan to another location.

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