The departure of the Syrian actor, Muhammad Qanoua, due to a heart attack

The Syrian Artists Syndicate announced the death of the Syrian actor, Muhammad Qanoua, at the age of 49, after a heart attack that surprised him on Saturday evening.

And the official union page on Facebook wrote, "The Artists Syndicate in the Syrian Arab Republic mourns the death of our colleague Muhammad Qanoua. For the soul of our deceased, mercy and peace, and for us, his family and his loved ones, sincere patience and solace in this great affliction."

Farewell to the artists with touching words

The sudden death of Muhammad Qanoua was a shock to the artistic community in Syria and the Arab world, as many male and female artists interacted with the news, and were keen to mourn him with touching words on their pages on the communication sites.

The Syrian artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, mourned him with poignant words on her Instagram page, and wrote, "Oh, heartache, O Muhammad, beautiful and kind manners, companion and beloved of all, may God be with you and give patience to your family."

And the artist, Amal Arafa, wrote on her Instagram page, "I hope it is a rumor, Abu Marwan. I do not know how we can believe this news. There is no objection to your judgment, O God, Al-Fatiha."

The artist, Yasser Al-Azma, also mourned him on his Instagram page, writing, "Oh my love, O Muhammad, may God have mercy on you. We belong to God and to Him we shall return."

The Syrian actor Mustafa Al-Khani also mourned him and wrote, "Death does not know the young or the old. The death of the young actor, Muhammad Qanoua, at the age of 49, following a heart attack. A thousand mercy for your kind soul, Abu Marwan, and your family and loved ones will be patient."

And she also interacted with the news of his departure, the artist, Shukran Murtaji, and wrote on Instagram, “Oh God, no objection. The heart cannot bear it, overflowing with separation and sadness, brother and friend of all.”

As for the artist Bassem Yakhour, he commented on his Instagram page on the news of his departure, saying, “May God have mercy on you, my friend, O Muhammad.

Actor Youssef Al-Khal wrote on his Twitter page, "Oh God, Muhammad, the sheikh of youth, and God have mercy and have mercy on your soul."

And on Twitter, the artist, Laura Abu Asaad, wrote, “I ask forgiveness from God Almighty, and there is no power or strength except with God. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.

artistic family

And Muhammad Qanoua – who was born on September 26, 1973 – from an artistic family; His father was the late radio director Marwan Qanoua, and his family used to work in the “Dabas” theater with a band called “The Two Brothers Qanoua.”

Despite his graduation from the Institute of Tourism and Hotels, and his work initially in the field of advertising, he loved art until the real opportunity came to him when director Hatem Ali assigned him a small role in the movie “A Family Affair” in 1994, and a year later he participated with the artist Yasser Al-Azma in the series “Mirrors 95”. ″, which continued in its successive parts, and was the gateway to the public’s knowledge of it.

170 works

In 1998, he joined the Syrian Artists Syndicate, and continued to present various and different roles, and his career lasted 29 years, during which he presented 170 works. Although he did not obtain absolute heroism, he was able to leave a strong imprint with the characters he presented, in addition to the diversity of his works between social and serious comedies, and between works that present the Syrian identity, heritage and history.

So he participated in the series “Spot of Light” in its parts with director Al-Laith Hajjo, which is a social comedy, and “Biography of Love”, “Sabaya We Are Back Again”, “Forbidden Love” and “Qadri Hotel”.

He also participated in works on Levantine heritage, the most famous of which is "Bab Al-Hara", where he became famous for the character of Saeed Abu Salim, the series "Al-Hasram Al-Shami", "Al-Sham Aidiyyah", the series "Birth from the Loin" and "Khan of the Dervishes".

He presented with the artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, starring in the series “Hara’ir”, with the character of Turki, and with the artist Amal Arafa, the series “Dunya”, and with Ghada Bashour, the series “Ahl Al-Wafa”, and with Youssef Al-Khal, “A Story of Love”.

Quiet family life

In addition to his artwork; Muhammad Qanoua lives a quiet family life with his wife, who is outside the artistic community, and he has four children: Adnan, Marwan, Maya, and Massa. And in 2022, in an interview with the media, Rabia Al-Zayyat, on the “Show the Story” program, he stated that he does not have great wealth, and that he does not have a home in the Levant or outside it because he was not keen on saving money, but he focused on the decent life of his family, and that his children study in the best schools. .

During the episode, he expressed his pride in his wife and daughters wearing the hijab and their commitment to the customs and traditions of the conservative eastern society in which he was raised.

The death of his last character

The last work in which the artist Muhammad Qanoua participated was the series “Al-Arbaji”, which was shown recently, during which he presented the character “Shuman”, who was killed in Episode 21, where the producing company mourned the character and wrote a comment on it, “Farewell, Showman, as much as we hated Showman as much We laughed.. and most importantly, let us know the real metal of the artist, Mohamed Qanoua.”

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