Preparations are complete in the Haram Sharif for the 27th night of Ramadan: Al Sudis

Preparations for the 27th night of Ramadan have been completed in the Haram Sharifeen. The organization "Public Presidency for the Affairs of Masjid Haram and Masjid Nabawi" has completed preparations in all sectors in view of the large number of pilgrims in the two holy mosques. The institution's field system, crowd management department and security system have been improved.

Authorities concerned with serving pilgrims and worshipers have turned into a beehive and are preparing for constant movement in the field. Today between Monday and Tuesday is the 27th night of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia like Pakistan. On this night, Muslims wake up the Ummah for the night and engage in the worship of Allah throughout the night.


"Amur Haramin Sharifeen" has mobilized 12 thousand employees. Thousands of workers from operational field teams have been mobilized to clean and disinfect the environment. The best and latest technology is being used in both the holy mosques. The plan is designed in complete coordination with the security system.

Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sadis, the head of the organization that takes over the system of the two holy mosques, held a series of meetings regarding the preparations for the 27th night of Ramadan. The purpose of these meetings was to organize the crowd and to implement the plan to advertise pilgrims inside Masjid Haram. The flow of the crowd and the provision of quality services to the visitors had to be ensured and the security system maintained.

Sheikh Al Sudis said that the wise leadership of Saudi Arabia is keen to provide the highest level of service to the pilgrims of the Haram Sharif. Due to the attention and desire of the leadership, efforts are being made to provide the best services to the visitors of the two holy mosques from the beginning of Ramadan.

Al-Sadis said Alhamdulillah, the organization for the affairs of Haramin Sharifeen has completed 100% of its preparations for the twenty-seventh night of the holy month. Through joint efforts with partners and coordinated plans with the security system, Masjid Haram and Masjid Nabawi will provide complete services to the people so that they can perform their prayers with ease and pray to Allah in a spiritual environment. Pray to the Holy Prophet and engage in dhikr and recitation.

The administration provided free vehicles for the needy, weak and elderly in both the holy mosques. A corridor has been allocated for these vehicles. Their path is separated from the movement of healthy individuals. Special stairs are reserved for people with special needs. For the movement of worshipers, stairs have been built to the second floor and the roof of Masjid Haram. Zamzam water coolers have been placed in all corridors and courtyards of Masjid Haram.

On the occasion of the 27th night, the number of people cleaning Masjid Haram has been increased. These workers will clean 24 hours in different shifts and move the waste timely. The toilet cleaning system has been improved. Field teams are 100% engaged.

The administration has appealed to the visitors to go to the mosque on the 27th night as soon as possible. People are not allowed to sit in corridors. It has also been instructed not to enter the Masjid Haram before the people leave after the Taraweeh prayer so that the worshipers can get out easily and avoid crowding at the gates during this time.

The operational plan at Masjid Haram on the 27th night has been prepared with the highest standards of quality, improvement and expertise. 12 thousand people will be mobilized to implement this project. A large number of volunteers will also be engaged in providing services. The third extension of Masjid Haram will also be opened for worshippers. Engineers, technicians, observers and human cadres of labor will be working 24 hours a day in Masjid Haram to implement the works as per technical and operational plans.

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