What's so special about Red Sea International's new wildlife and ecosystem research study?

International real estate development company Red Sea International, as the developer of the most sustainable tourism projects in the world, has released a study containing the results of the largest ecological study on the living ecosystem of the Red Sea and 'Amala'. What about the natural systems and wildlife of the 250 km stretch of Red Sea coast?

The comprehensive study covers two main site areas as well as wildlife and natural systems. These include the "Red Sea" basin around Lake Alwaja and the "Amala" basin to its north. The research was supervised by a specialized scientific team of the company in collaboration with international partner groups to ensure the application of the latest methods and technologies in monitoring the important natural resources of these destinations.


On the other hand, John Pagano, the 'CEO' of Red Sea International emphasized that the company's decisions are part of responsible development projects and renewable tourism projects in the protection of natural habitats of coastal and marine areas.

Pagano pointed out that "Red Sea International" plays an important role in setting new standards in the field of sustainable tourism. It extends beyond the boundaries of just preserving natural systems to areas where developmental work takes place.

"We have set a measurable goal of achieving a 30 percent increase in biodiversity value by 2040. We will continue to publish detailed annual reports to measure progress toward this goal," Pagano said.

A 2022 survey of the Red Sea coast revealed many endangered species that make the region a habitat and breeding ground. The importance of environmental conservation and regeneration efforts was highlighted by Red Sea International and others.

The research team continuously collected critical data and used state-of-the-art technologies, such as recording many physical, chemical and biological variables across the region, to crystallize a clear picture of the trends under study. Collection of remote sensing data.

As part of this study, a continuous monitoring system using GPS and satellite trackers was also developed for more than 30 pairs of sunset hawks to better understand their breeding and hunting patterns. was prepared for Also included was the use of satellite trackers to monitor several hawksbill turtles.

Dr Omar Al-Attas Ka, Executive Director of Environmental Protection and Development Affairs at Red Sea International, emphasized that the company bases all its ambitious projects on science and prioritizes the health of the environment in which it operates.

Al-Attas said the experienced team of local and international scholars who worked on the study provided concrete evidence of the group's leadership's commitment to making tourism a force for good and more responsibility in developing the company's plans. Style adopted.

The results of this study not only provide information that supports development decisions made by Red Sea International to limit any potential negative impacts of development activities on natural ecosystems in the region, but also on the planet. It also confirms the company's commitment to prioritize interests.

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