Sudan's ceasefire has improved: US Embassy

The US Embassy in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, said that despite some skirmishes between the army and Rapid Support Forces over the past two days, respect for the ceasefire has improved in Sudan.

In a statement issued by the American Embassy on Friday, it was said that Saudi Arabia and the United States were the sponsors of the ceasefire agreement in Jeddah. Under this agreement, Sudan has seen improvements in terms of short-term ceasefire and humanitarian arrangements. The ceasefire has improved, especially after warnings to both sides.


From Khartoum

From Khartoum

The statement said the situation in Khartoum has improved since May 24, despite the use of military aircraft and shelling yesterday and earlier.

Ceasefire monitoring procedures revealed major violations of the agreement. Artillery and troops were used extensively in these violations. Along with planes and drones, clashes continued in the heart of Khartoum's industrial area and in Zalangi and Darfur.

The Sudanese army and the paramilitary group RSF were issued a warning on May 25 for violations of the short-term ceasefire agreement.

According to the representative of Al-Arabiya, a cautious calm was observed in Khartoum during the last hours. However, Darfur saw renewed clashes this morning.

Who is monitoring the ceasefire?

It should be noted that the "Follow-up and Coordination" committee is monitoring the ceasefire in accordance with the provisions of the Jeddah agreement reached last Saturday between representatives of the army and the Rapid Support Forces under the auspices of Saudi Arabia. The ceasefire is effective from midnight on Monday and Tuesday, May 22 and 23. In addition to Saudi and American officials, the committee also includes leaders of both warring parties.

From April 15, fighting started between the two sides. More than 1.3 million people have been forced to flee their homes so far in the fighting. More than 850 people have been killed and thousands injured.

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