Negligence in treatment after electrocution in school, commotion broke out in Jazan

During the last two days, there has been a lot of outrage in Saudi circles over this incident in which a child in a school in Jazan is accused of not providing timely medical aid after being electrocuted. People are expressing anger after the matter came to light in the media.

The family of the student Satam Faqih, giving the details of the incident, said that his son was electrocuted in the school attached to Abu Arish Education Office in Jazan. The family said their son was taken to the hospital from school last Wednesday morning after he was electrocuted during his fifth physical session at the gym.


The family said that due to the leakage of water, the cupboard was electrocuted and the student was electrocuted and knocked unconscious.

According to "Sabaq" newspaper, the family said that despite the presence of the health guide, the school did not transfer him to the hospital, but called Satam's brother. The brother took Satam to the hospital in his private car. Satam's brother was a student in the same school. On his way to the hospital, his car caught fire. The passers-by shifted both of them to the hospital.

The school did not communicate with the student's guardian at the time of the accident. The school was aware of the electrical fault in the gym a few weeks ago but still no safety measures were taken.

Sattam's family claimed that the school's health counselor did not take first aid measures for the student.

The family announced that their injured son is currently in intensive care in a coma. His condition is critical. He is being treated at Prince Mohammed Bin Nasir Hospital.

Logo of the Saudi Ministry of Education

Logo of the Saudi Ministry of Education

It should be noted that the official spokesman of the General Administration of Education in Jazan region, Raja Al-Attas, announced that the administration has looked into the matter. What happened to the child has been reported to the Education Office. The child's health has also been evaluated. The director general of education of the region has been directed to investigate the incident.

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