The International Court of Justice will rule on the claim of frozen assets between Iran and the United States

Judges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) based in The Hague will rule on Iran's claim on Thursday that the US had illegally authorized the courts to freeze the assets of Iranian companies.

This decision comes at a time when there have been deadly clashes between Iran-backed forces and US personnel in Syria last week and they have targeted each other with aerial and ground bombardment. Since then, tensions between the US and Iran have increased. More has been added.


Currently, efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and major world powers are at a standstill, and relations are further strained following reports of Russia's use of Iranian drones against Ukraine.

In the International Court of Justice, Iran filed this case against Washington in 2016 for the alleged violation of the friendship agreement concluded in 1955. Under it, the American courts were allowed to freeze the assets of Iranian companies and the central bank of Iran in the United States. An amount of 1.75 billion dollars was also confiscated. This amount was to be given as compensation to the victims of terrorist attacks.

The US says the International Court of Justice should throw out the entire case because Iran's "hands are unclean" and the seizure of assets is the result of Tehran's alleged sponsorship of terrorism, while Iran is an international terrorist. Denies support.

It should be remembered that the friendship agreement was concluded in the 1950s long before the revolution of Iran in 1979. This revolution overthrew the US-backed Reza Shah Pahlavi and after that bilateral relations between the US and Iran were severed. After the new regime came to Iran, the friendship agreement had no status and Washington finally withdrew from this friendship agreement in 2018.

The decisions of the UN's highest court, the ICJ, are binding, but it has no means of enforcing them. The United States and Iran are among the few countries that have ignored and implemented its decisions in the past. Not imported.

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