"I'm with you"… Dana Hamdan's initiative to share Ramadan breakfast with Arab families

The Jordanian actress of Palestinian origin, Dana Hamdan, topped the communication sites during Ramadan, by launching an initiative entitled "My intention is with you", through which she chooses one of her followers to go to him and share breakfast with him in Ramadan, and then presents this initiative through her official accounts, through a set of videos that monitor the Ramadan atmosphere. in Egypt.

Simple possibilities and human reality

In her experience, Hamdan relied on simple capabilities, as she filmed video clips by herself and her mobile phone camera, and also edited episodes. The modest capabilities did not affect the quality of the work, which achieved wide resonance and popularity, due to the different content it presented, as it was characterized by extreme humanity and realism.

Hamdan herself took over photography in places and regions through which she conveyed different groups and cultures, in Sayeda Zainab, Dar al-Salam, and the good King; Where the doors were opened for her in Egyptian homes, and her family treated her as one of them. She also filmed in nursing homes, and invited her fans and followers to go to those places because the elderly need psychological and moral support.

Tributes from writers and media professionals

Although it was Hamdan's first experience, it was well received by a large number of writers, media professionals, and activists on social media platforms.

Writer Omar Taher expressed his feelings of extreme jealousy about the program, through which the well-known Jordanian actress received invitations to breakfast with people she did not know, and went to their homes. He hoped that he, too, would do the same idea, hoping to go to Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra, “Kit Kat”, Al-Hilmeya, Al-Faggala and Bulaq Abul-Ela.

The media, Mona Salman, thanked the writer Taher, who made her watch the videos, describing them as "delightful", and thanked Hamdan for her beautiful idea.

The journalist and journalist Abdullah Ghallush considered that what Hamdan offers is the best and most enjoyable Ramadan program, as she goes every day to break the fast in a different house with people she meets for the first time. And through experience, the Egyptian streets move and show the generosity of the Egyptians, whatever their living conditions and social status.

And her sister, actress Mays Hamdan, wrote that Dana does not break the fast with her family since the beginning of Ramadan, in order to make this effort from the heart, and she hoped that she would be assigned a program with great potential to complete the path she started.

Walaa Essam wrote that although Hamdan is not Egyptian, she is "a girl who loves goodness, is simple and unpretentious, and offers a different experience. I loved the episodes during which I went to the popular areas where they were more intimate and had greater hospitality."

As for Jana Adel, I wrote that what distinguishes Hamdan’s videos is simplicity and lack of affectation, so she was able to reach hearts from the first minute after she presented the shape of Egyptian homes, in their different ways, in simple content and simple capabilities.

And Israa Ziad considered that the videos that Hamdan launched are among the best Ramadan programs that can be watched this year, and that what distinguishes the program is that Dana treats her as a member of the family she goes to.

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