Video of the season.. the call to prayer rises at the Villa Park stadium in a group breakfast organized by Aston Villa

Yesterday, Wednesday, the English Aston Villa Football Club hosted a collective iftar at its Villa Park stadium, in which hundreds of Muslims participated, and non-Muslims also attended, and a distinctive atmosphere prevailed, amid praise for the role of these gatherings in introducing the Muslim community well in British circles.

Hundreds of people gathered at Villa Park in Birmingham as part of the event, which was held in collaboration between the Aston Villa Foundation – the charitable arm of the club – and the Ramadan Tent Project, an award-winning charity established in 2013 that organizes the open iftar initiative.

Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow had welcomed everyone in a video message before the iftar, saying they were delighted to host the club's first iftar, and extended a warm welcome to the Muslim community around Villa Park.

The Villa Park stadium opened its doors to receive hundreds of Muslims, and the number exceeded 500, according to what was reported by the Aston Villa Foundation in a tweet on Twitter. And the video clips that were popular on the Internet showed the call to prayer being raised on the pitch, in a snapshot that Aston Villa considered strong and unique, and then hundreds of people gathered to pray and break their fast after that in a distinguished atmosphere.

A large number of Muslim activists and organizations expressed their happiness to participate in this unique event, which connects the members of the Muslim community and brings them together, as well as making it more open to other communities.

The founder of the Ramadan tent project, Omar Salha, commented in a tweet on the event, saying, "An incredible evening at Villa Park, and we are delighted to see such diversity and community spirit among people from all backgrounds. It was an evening full of celebrations, things that happen for the first time, and history makers."

The Mayor of Birmingham participated in the iftar, commenting on his account, "It was an honor to be present at the open breakfast in Villa Park this evening, as we celebrated the holy month of Ramadan and celebrated all that unites us as Promises (a name given to the residents of Birmingham)."

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