According to the law, it is necessary to hold elections on the same day in the whole country, it is not right to hold elections first in Punjab, Rana Sanaullah Khan

Faisalabad – April 24 (APP): Federal Minister of Interior and Provincial President of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Punjab Rana Sanaullah Khan said that according to the law, it is necessary to hold elections on the same day in the whole country, while it is not right to hold elections first in Punjab. Because if there is a single party government in Punjab, there will be no justice with the other parties and sedition has not spent even a month in peace in their government, sometimes they threaten long march and sometimes some other threats, now they say that in the whole country Elections should be held in Punjab before 2018 and the rest should be held later, which is not acceptable in any case, because when the elections are not free and fair, the country is destroyed. Otherwise, more anarchy will spread in the country, which this country cannot afford. The five Chak Kamal were addressing an Eid meeting ceremony in Faisalabad on Monday night, which was organized by the Sadat family there.

He said that he was invited to the prestigious event for which he is grateful to the organizers. He said that he knows the duties that are on him and will use all his resources to fulfill this responsibility. He said that the people of this constituency made him successful and trusted him. The interior minister said that he spent four years in the opposition and there were many lawsuits against him in the opposition but he did not take any revenge. He said that his demand is to listen to the nation instead of listening to his mother-in-law. Should be heard and elections should be held on the same day in this country which are free and fair.

He said that the assemblies of 16th October will end after that elections will be held under the supervision of the caretaker government which will be free and fair. Ranathnaullah Khan said that we will get the opportunity to serve you once again. He said that when the establishment was with him, he supported Imran and imposed him in this country but he did nothing for the country while Mian Nawaz. When Sharif became the prime minister three times, he laid a network of motorways, metro buses and strikes. The interior minister said that the road which is there brings development, it reduces distances and their traps were laid by Muslim League-N but Imran told what he has done in three years.

He said that he has done nothing but retaliating against us in his government. When Imran Khan was the Prime Minister, he made an agreement with the IMF and today the country is falling due to this agreement. Interior Minister He said that petrol, electricity and gas are expensive because of the IMF agreement. He said that we talked a lot with the IMF regarding this agreement, but the IMF said that this agreement We have done this to Pakistan, not to any Prime Minister. Ranathnaullah Khan said that every time Muslim League (N) and Mian Nawaz Sharif have brought this country out of decline and God willing, Mian Nawaz Sharif will return before the election and return to his position. Will guide the nation.

Ranathnaullah Khan said that for two months, Muslim League (N) got the government of Punjab, during which the bypass conditions were very bad in his area, but after four years, no one thought that this bypass should be built. He said that the problem of sewerage and dispensary in your village will be solved and in one year a network of development works will be laid in your constituency and then you will have to think about what work is left. He said that all those He thanked the people for participating and urged them to start their election campaign with vigor. He said he assured that you will be happy with their decision.

Rana Sanaullah said that the civil strife is constantly creating problems for the government and its institutions, spreading chaos and creating tension and hatred and he is trying his best to somehow hold elections only in Punjab so that its results In the light of the fact that they could influence the rest of the elections, although their position and that of all the other major political parties is very clear that the elections of the national and all the provincial assemblies across the country should be held on the same day in the light of the constitution and the law and the caretaker set-up. because if the first elections are held only in Punjab and one party wins with a clear majority, then it will have an impact on other elections, which will cause grievances in the provinces, but also in the center. He said that the second major disadvantage would be that no one would recognize the results of these one-sided elections.

Rana Sanaullah Khan said that it is necessary to hold the elections of all the assemblies on the same day across the country under the caretaker setup in order to remove the possible protests of all the provinces and their reservations already found about Punjab. The federal interior minister said that the term of all the assemblies is ending in August and thus the elections are to be held in October, however if someone is in a hurry and they consider it necessary to hold early elections for some reason, then the political parties should do so. It is necessary to give some time so that they can come to a unanimous decision and conclusion. He said that the nation should realize this social calamity otherwise it will destroy the nation by an accident and create more problems for 23 crore people. will do and the solution to this is that the next election, whenever it may be, reduce this temptation by the power of people's vote and put the last nail in the coffin of the politics of hatred and tension forever and ever.

Rana Sanaullah made it clear that the elections in the country will be held this year and as a result of the free and fair elections, with the power of the people's vote, the Muslim League (N) will not only achieve great success again, but the journey of building and developing the country will start again from there. Will do where Nawaz Sharif left off. He said that under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif, Muslim League (N) has brought the country out of crises in the past and will take it out of crises in the future and lead it on the path of prosperity.

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