International and Arab concern over the escalation of fighting in Sudan, calls for restraint and an immediate ceasefire


America, Britain and international organizations, headed by the United Nations, have expressed their deep concern about the escalation of battles in Sudan between the army and Rapid Support Forces, and called on both sides of the conflict for an immediate cease-fire. Turkey, African and Arab countries have called for the same.

For his part , US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed his deep concern over reports of "escalation of violence" in Sudan, describing the situation in Khartoum as "fragile", and urged all parties to avoid further escalation and continue talks to resolve outstanding issues.

He added that the main parties in Khartoum reached an important framework agreement on how to proceed with the transition to civilian government a few weeks ago, but that other actors may be working against this progress. "This is a real opportunity to move forward with a civilian-led transition, and it's an opportunity that we and other countries are trying to enhance," he said.

For his part , British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly called on the Sudanese leadership to rein in its forces and stop the escalation after the RSF clashed with the army, and said on Twitter, "The violence taking place across Sudan must stop immediately," stressing that "military action will not lead to resolving this situation." ".

The British Embassy in Sudan also said it was closely monitoring the situation in Khartoum and elsewhere in the country, urging its nationals to stay at home and follow its travel recommendations.

In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry called on the two parties to the conflict to hold negotiations and said in a statement, "We urge the parties to the conflict to show political will, exercise restraint and take immediate steps to cease fire."

The Russian embassy in Sudan also expressed its concern about the escalation of violence in the country, calling on the two parties to the conflict to a quick ceasefire and negotiations to stabilize the situation, and urged its citizens in Sudan to stay in their homes and exercise restraint.

International organizations

At the international level, the European Union's foreign and security policy chief Josep Borrell expressed the European Union's concern about news of the fighting in Sudan, and said that the Union calls on all forces in Sudan to stop the violence immediately, adding that "escalation will only lead to an exacerbation of the situation. Protecting citizens is a priority." ".

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk , also expressed his deep concern about the armed conflict in Sudan, and said in a tweet on Twitter that "there is an urgent need to prevail over the voice of reason to stop the violence and return to the previous promising path towards peace and civil transition."

For his part, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Musa Faki Mahamat, expressed the Union's concern about the current events in Sudan, and said, "We are following closely and with deep concern the developments in the Republic of the Sudan." He called on the parties to the conflict to immediately return to the negotiating table to resolve the crisis.

In turn, the head of the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNTAMIS), Volker Peretz , said that they had communicated with both parties in Sudan, and called for an immediate cessation of fighting and the restoration of calm in the country, and Peretz expressed the mission's strong condemnation of the outbreak of fighting in the country.

For its part , the Arab League, through its Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit , called for an immediate halt to the escalation and bloodshed in Sudan, and expressed "deep concern and alarm" about the current combat operations in Khartoum and other regions. Aboul Gheit called for immediate cessation of escalation and bloodshed, and said that the General Secretariat is ready to intervene with the parties to achieve this.

Arab concern and calls for an immediate end to the fighting

On the Arab level, Egypt expressed its deep concern about the developments in Sudan, and called on all Sudanese parties to exercise "exercise restraint". Sudanese and uphold the higher interests of the country.

For its part, Qatar called for an immediate cessation of fighting between the conflicting parties in Sudan and for resolving differences through dialogue. In a statement to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it expressed its "grave concern about the developments in the situation in Khartoum and Meroe in Sudan," and called on the conflicting parties to stop the fighting immediately and exercise maximum restraint and resort to a voice. Mind, and adopt peaceful ways to overcome differences.

In turn, Saudi Arabia called on the military component and political leaders in Sudan for "wisdom and self-restraint" and expressed, in a statement to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "extreme concern over the state of escalation and military clashes between the army forces and the Rapid Support Forces." Compatibility has been achieved.

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the United States also discussed, in a phone call, the situation in Sudan and called for an end to the military escalation and a return to the political framework agreement.

The UAE also called on all parties in Sudan to exercise restraint, reduce escalation, and work to end the crisis through dialogue, according to the Emirates News Agency, which added that the UAE embassy in Khartoum is "following with great concern" the current events in Sudan, and stresses the UAE's "steadfast" position. This is represented in the need to reduce escalation and work towards a peaceful solution to the crisis between the concerned parties.

Jordan , in turn, called on all parties in Sudan to exercise restraint and stop the fighting immediately, expressing its "grave" concern about the developments there. In enhancing security and political and economic stability in the country.

For its part, Tunisia , through its foreign ministry, called on all Sudanese parties to reduce escalation and adopt the highest levels of restraint, and said that Tunisia is following with concern the developments of the current events in Sudan and expresses its "grave concern" about the state of the security situation and calls on all Sudanese parties to reduce the escalation and adopt the highest levels of restraint. The arbitration of the voice of reason and the adoption of dialogue is a way to defuse the crisis.

Türkiye and Africa

On the Islamic level, Turkey expressed its concern about the clashes that broke out on Saturday morning between the army and the Rapid Support Forces. A permanent solution to Sudan's problems can only be found through a national accord.

Africa, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on the Sudanese parties to resort to restraint, stop fighting and return to the path of dialogue, and said in a statement posted on Twitter that the federal government is following with great concern and great interest the current clashes in Sudan, expressing his readiness to mediate to resolve the "serious" conflict. Between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces.

For its part, the government of Chad closed its borders with Sudan today, Saturday, and called for calm, and appealed in a statement to the regional and international community, "and all friendly countries, to give priority to the return of peace."

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