Approval of the resolution regarding the Punjab general election automatic notice case in the National Assembly, Parliament rejects the decision of the three-member bench, Resolution

قومی اسمبلی میں پنجاب عام انتخابات ازخود نوٹس کیس کےحوالے سے قراداد کی منظوری،تین رکنی بنچ کے فیصلے کو پارلیمان مسترد کرتی ہے ،قرارداد

Islamabad. April 6 (APP): The National Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution regarding the automatic notice case of the general elections in Punjab, in which it was said that the decision of the three-member bench is rejected by the parliament and according to the constitution and law. The decision of the majority bench is declared to be effective, the resolution has bound the Prime Minister and the federal cabinet not to implement the constitutional and legal decision against it, while the full court of the Supreme Court has been demanded to review it.

In the National Assembly, Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Javed Abbasi moved in the House that the rules should be suspended and allowed to present a resolution. In the resolution passed by this House, supporting the majority decision of the four honorable judges of the Supreme Court in Spontaneous Notice Case Number One 2023, it was demanded to implement it and avoid unnecessary interference in political and administrative affairs from the higher judiciary. Most of the constituencies also demanded the formation of the full court but it was not approved, nor was the position of the other political parties heard, this clear resolution of the Parliament and the majority decision of the four judges of the Supreme Court. In complete disregard, the three-judge special bench imposed a minority opinion which is also against the Supreme Court's own tradition, doctrine and procedure.

The minority was imposed on the majority, the parliament rejects the decision of the three-member minority bench and declares the decision of the majority bench effective according to the constitution and law. The resolution states that the meeting does not support the decision of the three-judge bench of the Supreme Court not to set the cases filed under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution of Pakistan for hearing in the full court and through an executive circular. Viewing with concern the decision to stay the execution, this House also expresses serious reservations about the same court's hasty hearing before another bench and judgment within minutes, which is a clear violation of the tradition and doctrine of the Supreme Court. Which is unacceptable.

The resolution states that this House expresses deep concern over the undue judicial interference in political matters, the recent minority judgment is creating political instability in the country and has paved the way for division into federal units. For political and economic stability in the country, the holding of elections at the same time across the country is the solution to all the problems in accordance with the procedure mentioned in the constitution and law. By doing this, he obliges the Prime Minister and the Cabinet not to follow the decision of the Constitution and the law against him.

The resolution states that this House also expresses concern over the misinterpretation of Article 63A of the Constitution and the decision of the Supreme Court to write it automatically and demands that the Full Court of the Supreme Court review it. The Speaker presented the resolution in the House which was adopted.

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