A writer is likely to return Trump to the presidency and destroy any institution that stands in his way

Trump will come in his second term on what he started in his first term to break any institution that might stand in his way, be it the ballot box or the courts.

American writer Jonathan Friedland warned Democrats in America that Trump's return to the presidency is very likely, and called on them to act now to prevent that, saying that if he returns for a second term, he will work to finish what he started during his first term by destroying any institution that stands in his way.

The writer said in an article in the British newspaper "The Guardian" that the verdict of responsibility for sexual assault against Trump did not weaken his grip on the Republican Party, just as other cases awaiting court ruling will not weaken this grip, while opinion polls are getting gloomier. For President Joe Biden.

What should kill him makes him stronger

He pointed out that the first obstacle before Trump winning the Republican nomination to run for the presidency is shrinking daily, adding that the strange thing is that the cases that are brought against him result, whatever the ruling, in strengthening this grip, "what should kill him, only strengthens him."

Friedland also referred to the Washington Post-ABC poll this week, which showed Biden trailing Trump by six points, and also found that 63% of Americans believe that Biden, who will reach 86 years old at the end of his second term, he lacks the mental alertness to serve effectively, compared to 43% in 2020. Simply put, Trump's prospects are better now than in 2020, the writer adds.

Competition with the devil

The writer said that the Democrats need to get out of the state of complacency that victory brought in 2020, and work as if they were in a race against the devil, and that they are behind in it because they are. They need to address the issue of Omar Biden quickly, as many veterans urge the president to go out to the public more often and tout his achievements, not least the strong record in jobs, and the Democrats should sound daily on the alarm that Trump represents, because he is clear and present, and they must abandon Hope that the courts will resolve their conflict with Trump.

And he went on to say that many Democrats think Trump will win his party’s nomination and welcome that, because they are sure that he will lose to Biden in 2024, and he says that they should remember that only 44,000 votes in 3 states stood in 2020 between Biden’s victory and a tie with Trump, and now opinion polls look like Much worse for Biden.

Friedland concluded his article that Trump will come in his second term on what he started in his first term to break any institution that might stand in his way, whether it is the ballot box or the courts, and he will abandon Ukraine, and he will refuse America to pay its debts to the world, and he will drown Americans in a torrent of lies.

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