A catastrophe deepens the suffering.. the only baby food factory in Sudan burned

A huge fire broke out in one of the most important food factories in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, due to the ongoing confrontations between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, according to local media.

And the Saleh Abdul Rahman Yaqoub Group of Companies announced yesterday, Friday, the burning of its "Samil Foods" factory, in partnership with the French "Nutriset" group, which covers the needs of Sudan and the surrounding areas.

The group published on its Facebook page pictures that showed the burning of the factory and the severe damage it suffered, and commented on it by saying, "My pain is upon you, my country, a great loss for the children of Sudan."

Samil manufactures nutritious peanut paste to treat undernourishment in children, and its production capacity increased in 9 years from 1,200 to 10,000 tons, according to the French embassy in Khartoum.

The company said in a publication that was circulated on digital platforms that the factory is the only one of its kind in Sudan, and denounced what it was exposed to, saying, "It was covering the needs of UNICEF and the World Food Program for food for children suffering from malnutrition and the risk of starvation."

In turn, the French partner of the factory expressed his dismay, and said, "The factory was completely destroyed during the fighting in Khartoum," while declaring his solidarity with the factory's management and staff in what he described as "difficult" circumstances.

The Nutriset group confirmed on its Facebook page that hundreds of thousands of Sudanese are reeling from a humanitarian catastrophe.

"Their situation is getting worse day by day in the face of worrisome food insecurity from before the conflict even began," she added.

And last Wednesday, the United Nations World Food Program expected that between 2 and 2.5 million additional people in Sudan would go hungry in the coming months as a result of the ongoing violence in the country.

In a report , the program warned of record levels of severe food insecurity in Sudan, reaching more than 19 million people, or two-fifths of the population.

Activists denounced the burning of "Samil Foods", whose name was published on the Facebook and Twitter platforms, amid fears of its repercussions on the food security situation in the country, which may threaten the lives of millions of children due to suffering from malnutrition.

It is reported that up to 19 million people in Sudan – or 41% of the population – may have difficulty finding a meal a day, compared to 15 million people last year.

Nearly 4 million children and pregnant and lactating women suffered from acute malnutrition before the start of the clashes, according to Eddie Rowe, Country Director of the World Food Program in Sudan.

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + social media sites

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