How does fasting positively affect the academic performance of students?

Beirut – Fasting has a positive effect on students' concentration and their ability to absorb, contrary to what most people think. Scientific studies and research confirm that abstaining from eating for a relatively long period increases the endurance of the fasting student.

The psychological specialist, Catherine Al-Batal, says that psychological comfort, stillness, patience, strong focus, and a sense of happiness are all achieved with the start of fasting in a proper manner.

She explains that if the child feels hungry, he can be distracted by his schoolwork to distract him from eating.

5-Psychologist-Catherine-the-hero-says that psychological-comfort, stillness-patience-strong-focus-and a feeling-of-happiness-are achieved-with-the-start-of-fasting-in-a-proper-way--(Jazeera-net)
Specialist Catherine Al-Batal: Children find a special experience in the holy month that makes it an occasion more like a long holiday (Al-Jazeera)

Take responsibility

Al-Batal believes that if the child can bear the hardship of fasting, this enhances his view of himself because of his patience throughout the day and the fact that he has become an adult and is able to take responsibility, as "he is no longer a child as long as he does the work that adults do," as she put it.

A special experience

She points out that children find in the holy month a unique experience that makes it an occasion similar to the feast, but it extends for a longer period than the usual feast, as the family gathers in it to eat delicious food and sweets.

Children's participation in Ramadan plans

Al-Batal advises parents to have their children share with them all the plans drawn up for this month, whether in preparing the Iftar and Suhoor tables or going out on family visits or other appointments, because their involvement will promote a better understanding of the characteristics of Ramadan, and allow them to harmonize with the changes that accompany the holy month.

The effect of fasting on children's academic performance
The month of Ramadan is an occasion to make the child the most beautiful memories that give him strength (Shutterstock)

making memories

Al-Batal says, "The month of Ramadan is an occasion to make for the child the most beautiful memories that give him strength. Will is decision-making, while willpower is the ability to face difficulties and overcome them towards success."

Does fasting affect the study and concentration of students?

Al-Batal confirms that fasting generally does not affect the child's absorption or mental abilities, as "it is known that the mental focus that depends on the constant nourishment of sugar for the brain is not affected, because the body contains a balanced system of endocrine glands, and the liver maintains the stability of the sugar level in The blood, therefore, adapts itself in terms of storing sugar or breaking down its stores according to the body's need.

According to the hero, it is necessary to avoid exhausting the child during fasting, as it is preferable after returning from school to take a simple nap before breakfast, and not to sleep immediately after suhoor.

2Fasting in the month of Ramadan has a positive effect on academic exams and final results - (Pixels).
Fasting clearly has a positive effect on academic exams and final results (Pixels)

How does fasting improve students' academic performance?

According to a report published by "The National News" on the positive impact of fasting Ramadan on students' academic achievement – especially in terms of school exams – Eric Hornung, a professor of economic history at the German University of Cologne, says he was surprised by the final results of students who adhere to fasting, as he was Their academic performance is much better than others, and they have achieved impressive results.

Hornung points out that when using Timss data on global systems trends in the study of mathematics and science, its teaching methods and practical application, the researchers discovered that increasing the percentage of fasting hours among students in Ramadan by only 1.25 hours led to an improvement in the results of mathematics and science tests by about 11. %, while no such results were found in non-Muslim countries.

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