It is not limited to children.. Experts confirm the benefits of playing for adults

Amman – In his daily life, a person is exposed to psychological pressures, problems, and situations that affect his psyche, health, and behavior, and continuing in this way may harm his relationship with his family and others.

For young and old, playing is a means of entertainment and recreation for oneself and others, especially playing group games with family members and friends.

Moufid Sarhan, a social family counselor, believes that play is of great importance and has many benefits, the most important of which is that group games help in strengthening social and family relationships, as well as the relationship with others.

Games for the elderly
Playing chess and other recreational activities activate the brain, prevent memory problems and improve brain function (Shutterstock)

Sarhan says that play is also "a means to reduce work pressure and mitigate the impact of problems facing a person, in addition to that it contributes to reducing anxiety and tension, and it gives a person a feeling of happiness and joy."

Such feelings reflect positively on others as well, especially family members, and would help improve relations between people in general. Some purposeful games teach people new social skills and promote positive behaviors.

Team games are a way to strengthen family ties because they are played in an atmosphere of familiarity and love. And just as a person needs to maintain his physical health, he needs to take care of his psychological health and take into account the moral and not only material needs of family members, because psychological comfort is important for a person and helps him to face the troubles of daily life and becomes more capable of achievement and giving, and motivates him to more productivity within the family And at work, according to Sarhan.

He points out that purposeful group play and entertainment contributes to increasing the sense of vitality and activity, and keeps the person away from the constant feeling of boredom and boredom, and "what a person learns from others may exceed what he learns from books and lessons," as he put it.

2- By playing, the individual’s psychological state changes and he gets rid of psychological pressures and deposits - (Pixels)
By playing, the individual’s psyche changes and he gets rid of stress and psychological deposits (Pixels)

Play deepens feelings of intimacy

Counselor Sarhan says that playing games with family members of all ages deepens feelings of intimacy, love and mutual respect, and distances a person from selfishness and self-love, and contributes to the development of skills and abilities. The young learns from the old, and the old contributes to expanding the young's orbit and developing his talents.

He added, "Some purposeful games contribute to children gaining respect for others and adherence to the system, and develop their ability to deal with problems and solve them, in addition to providing them with sound educational values, and refining their personality through learning from mistakes and situations, which leads to increased bonding between children, parents and siblings." Then play is a purposeful means to inculcate and develop good morals.

And adults feel comfortable and remember childhood days and pass on what they learned to children, and they also feel a special pleasure because they were able to make others happy.

Sarhan stresses the need for gaming not to be at the expense of basic business, or affect the official work of a person, or hinder him from performing the rights of others, or prevent him from performing acts of worship, and not cause him or others health or psychological harm or hardship, especially for women and children. Choosing the type of game is important for everyone.

And the social counselor continues, “It is not wise for a person to occupy most of his time with games, or to waste his money for his own sake, with the need to pay attention to some games that may teach children wrong behaviors, or that conflict with religion and values, because the noble goal needs legitimate means, and to collect Games between physical, mental and psychological needs, and not lead to isolation as in some electronic games.

1- Team games help to strengthen social and family relationships - (Pixels)
Playing with family members of all ages deepens feelings of intimacy and love (Pixels)

Discharge negative energy

Psychiatry specialist Dr. Musa Matarneh says that play in its various forms is very important, if it has a goal. "A person always needs times to have fun, get out of the daily routine, empty negative energy and replace it with positive energy. This is done through several activities, including play."

"Play is part of the positive state of change, and it can be collective, away from the routine of work and the concerns of traditional life," Matarneh explains. He believes that the state of change that is generated from play has a positive reflection on the human psyche and mood.

He adds, "When the psychological state of the individual changes and he gets rid of the psychological pressures and sediments, he certainly becomes more serenity, balance, and greater focus, as he feels comfortable, happy, optimistic, and hopeful, and spreads positive energy in all the places in which he is."

On the other hand, negative play, such as computer and mobile games such as “PUBG”, and practicing them constantly, disperses mental energy and generates negative psychological repercussions such as tension and nervousness, according to Dr. Matarneh.

Games for the elderly
Group games help to strengthen social and family relationships as well (Shutterstock)

Play connects you to others

Despite the importance of play for a child's development, it is also beneficial for people of all ages, as it can add pleasure and relieve stress, lead to an increase in the level of learning, and connect you to others and the world around you, and play can make work more productive and enjoyable, according to what was published. Helpguide website.

In its report, the site enumerates some of the benefits of playing, including:

  • Reducing stress: Play is fun and can lead to the release of endorphins, which are natural chemicals that make the body feel happy, promote a general sense of well-being, and can temporarily relieve pain.
  • Improve brain function: Playing chess, completing puzzles, or pursuing other fun activities that challenge the brain can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function, and social interaction through playing with family and friends can help stave off stress and depression.
  • Stimulating the mind and enhancing creativity: Children often learn better when they play, a principle that applies to adults, as you will learn a new task better when you are entertained and in a good mood, and play can also stimulate your imagination, help you adapt and solve problems.
  • Improving relationships and your connection with others: Sharing laughter and fun can enhance empathy, compassion, trust, and intimacy with others, and play does not have to include physical activity, as it can be a state of mind that helps you relax in nervous situations, break the ice with strangers, and make new friends and work relationships Also new.
  • Feeling energetic and youthful: Playing can improve your energy, vitality, and even resistance to disease, helping you perform at your best.

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