Lebanon and Israel do not want war: UNFEL's latest statement after fresh tensions

The United Nations Interim Force in South Lebanon (UNIFIL) has stressed in a statement on Friday morning that both sides "do not want war" following Israel's bombardment of southern Lebanon. UNIFIL urged both sides to remain peaceful.

The international force deployed in the south of the country to separate Israel and Lebanon after several conflicts. He announced that the Israeli military had informed him of its intention to respond to rocket attacks from southern Lebanon. Earlier, explosions were heard around the area of Tsur in southern Lebanon. "Both sides said they didn't want war," he explained.


At least three explosions rocked the area of Tire in southern Lebanon early Friday morning. Earlier, the Israeli army had alleged that Palestinian resistance factions had fired several rockets at Israel from the Lebanese territory on Thursday.

According to an AFP photographer, a rocket landed on the roof of a farmer's house in one of the gardens near Rashidiya refugee camp, south of Tyre. It caused material damage but no casualties.

"We heard explosions. At least two shells fell near the camp," Abu Ahmed, a resident of the Rashidiya camp, told AFP.

The Israeli military said its forces had carried out strikes in Lebanon, after rockets were fired from Lebanese territory, in an attack Israel blamed on Palestinian activists.

"The Israeli Defense Forces are currently conducting attacks in Lebanon, details will be forthcoming," the Israeli military said in a brief statement.

Lebanese media reported this Friday morning that the Israeli army attacked areas in southern Lebanon.

The Lebanese Army Command announced on Twitter on Thursday that an army unit had found a missile launcher and several missiles that were fired from around the towns of Zabqin and Qalila. Work is in progress to disable them.

At the same time, an Israeli army spokesman confirmed on Twitter that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) was responsible for Thursday's missile attacks from Lebanon.

He added that Israel holds the Lebanese government responsible for the rockets fired from Lebanese territory.

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