The "battle" of comprehensive cleaning.. How do you qualify your home for Eid with minimal effort?

With Eid approaching, house cleaning procedures begin. A ritual familiar to all Arab homes, usually associated with physical hardship due to the large number of tasks and the lack of hands. The good news is that all this can be overcome by adopting methods and tools that make cleaning the house easier and faster.

Clean smartly first

There is no right or wrong way to clean, but there is smart cleaning so that you get a good result with less effort, and in order to achieve smart cleaning, the “Woman's day” site lists some basic tips to get started, including:

  • Establish a schedule

Creating a schedule allows you to set the pace for cleaning the house and focus on the required tasks without distraction or anxiety. It is possible to select a week before the feast and set a balanced schedule for deep cleaning of the house, starting with the places that can remain clean for a longer period, and this means that the turn of the kitchen, living room and bathrooms will come at the end of the week.

  • Work in balance

It is advisable to identify the major tasks, separate them from the smaller ones, and distribute them in balance over different days. It is possible to complete a large task in addition to a small task in one day, such as washing the carpets and cleaning the refrigerator on one day, and on another day cleaning the entire kitchen and polishing the glass of the house, and so on.

  • "Dismantling" the mess

One of the first things you should do before dusting, or mopping and cleaning the house, is to pick up everything from the floor and eliminate the mess, as what makes cleaning very difficult is the spread of mess and scattered things all over the house.

and to get rid of excess things; It must be separated between what can be donated, throwing unsuitable items in the trash, and putting clothes in the washing machine.

Quick tips for cleaning the house with less effort
It is necessary to review the cleaning tools in the house and purchase what is needed for the cleaning process in sufficient quantities (Getty Images)
  • cleaning martials

Before starting cleaning, it is necessary to review the cleaning tools available in the house and purchase what is required in sufficient quantities. And allocate one bucket or canister to carry around the house and put cleaning tools in it while cleaning each room or space without distraction.

  • Help

Involving children and spouse in the cleaning process is essential to help and understand the values of participatory.

  • bedrooms

There is no doubt that cleaning is essential before receiving guests on Eid Al-Fitr, but it must also include the bedrooms. Clean and tidy rooms encourage relaxation, rest and improve sleep quality.

According to the Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) website, the following steps can be followed to clean bedrooms with little effort:

  1. Emptying the rubbish: Get rid of any rubbish in the room first, then empty the trash can, wash and dry it, and a scented cotton can be placed under the trash can to give a good smell.
  2. Laundry: Collect dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine and run it in conjunction with cleaning the room. If you have clean clothes, fold them and put them in the closet.
  3. Bedding: Remove sheets, pillowcases, and blankets and put them in the washing machine. Use the vacuum cleaner's nozzle to suck up dust, dirt and hair particles from the mattress, then use the upholstery cleaner to remove stains and odors.
  4. Curtains and lampshades: Dust gently with a duster, or use a vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains and lampshades. A lint roller or sticky tape can be used to remove dust from lampshades, upholstery, and small rugs.
  5. Closet arrangement: rearrange and polish the cabinets and nightstands, and put things back on them.
  6. Games: In the children's room, it is necessary to check the games and keep the good sound toys in the toy storage boxes, and get rid of the broken ones.
  7. Polishing windows and mirrors: using glass cleaning liquid and old newspapers to give the glass a shine. To clean the window tracks, some baking soda can be placed on the dirt in the window tracks, a little vinegar, then rubbed with an old toothbrush and dried with a cloth.
  8. Vacuuming: Using a vacuum cleaner, you can clean the carpet, the floor and the bottom of the bed. If the carpet is clean, it is sufficient to sweep it, but if it is dirty, it must be removed after sweeping it for washing in the designated center.
Sorting out clutter, donating unused items, and putting clothes in the washing machine helps de-clutter (Dreams Time)
  • the kitchen

The kitchen is the most important space in the house, and according to Apartment Therapy, having a clean kitchen is a first step to having a completely clean home. This happens through the steps:

  1. Empty the dishwasher , wash the dishes and cups, dry them and put them in the cupboard.
  2. Dust the top of the refrigerator, the tops of the cabinets, and the overhead light fixtures, and clean the fronts of the cabinets with a multi-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth.
  3. Clean small appliances like a microwave, coffee maker, or toaster with an all-purpose cleaner or a little vinegar, baking soda, and a damp cloth.
  4. Cleaning the oven begins with removing food residue, then applying a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing soap. Leave for a few hours, then clean with a cleaning sponge and wet cloth, then dry.
  5. Kitchen sink . To clean it properly, put a mixture of baking soda and two cups of vinegar in it, let the mixture work for a few minutes, then wash the corners of the sink with boiling water and a little bleach.
  6. The refrigerator, you clean the refrigerator from the outside with a cleaning liquid and a sponge, then a wet cloth, and you take out all the refrigerator shelves and drawers to wash them well and dry them. Then clean the inside of the refrigerator with water and dish soap.
  7. Kitchen surface , clean well with a cleaning sponge and dishwashing soap, or using a spray specific for the type of surface and a clean cloth.
  8. Empty the rubbish bin , clean it well, and place a scented cotton ball in the bottom of the bin under the rubbish bag.
To clean the kitchen sink, put a mixture of baking soda and two cups of vinegar in it, and let the mixture work for a few minutes (Pixels)
  • bathrooms

Cleaning bathrooms is a great challenge that many women do not like, so Good Housekeeping recommends that you follow some tips to clean the bathroom easily and with little effort:

  1. Applying toilet cleaner, you can spray some of the toilet cleaner around the rim and inside and leave it to work while you clean the outside of it using hot soapy water and a few drops of bleach, then scrub the inside of the toilet using a toilet brush, soap and disinfectant.
  2. Clean the bathtub, through a mixture of dish soap with part vinegar to clean the walls and bathtub with a tile brush.
  3. The sink can be cleaned with a toothbrush, baking soda, hot water, and a little soap.
  • Living room

The living room is one of the most used places, which makes it full of chaos, and cleaning the living room can turn into something simple and smooth by following these steps, according to the Smarter Pest Control website:

  • Clearing clutter Gather all the clutter that doesn't belong in the living room, such as shoes and toys, in the bin aside to distribute afterwards.
  • Dust, from top to bottom, from walls, curtains, and tops to sofas and tables.
  • Carpet cleaning and laundry.
  • Polishing glass using glass polish and paper, and polishing wooden surfaces with a polishing liquid designated for it.
  • Vacuum the sofa and rearrange the cushions.
  • Wiping the floors with cleaning liquid and water and drying them.
  • Putting the finishing touches and decorating for the feast.

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