There is a voice from the bar councils, parliament, civil society across the country that there is a need to cool down the political temperature, all sections are saying that there should be a consensus in the Supreme Court as well, Federal Law Minister Azam Nazir. Tarr

Islamabad. March 31 (APP): Federal Minister of Law and Justice, Senator Azam Nazir Tarar, has said that there is a voice from the bar councils, parliament, civil society across the country that the political temperature needs to be cooled down. The classes are saying that there should be a consensus in the Supreme Court, the largest court. Will they come?, the political leadership will sit together and decide the future course of action.

He was talking to media outside the Supreme Court along with Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb, Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Atta Tarr.

Federal Minister of Law and Justice Azam Nazir Tarar said that in the last few days, the 9-member bench on the matters of the court and the political situation of the country heard the notice about the elections of the provinces, then it was transferred to the five-member bench. When it was decided that the petition was rejected, there was a mixed trend.

He said that when the matter came before the five-member bench yesterday, one of the judges said about his decision that a full court meeting should be held to decide how to hear the cases of 184 three. I'm sorry, everyone expected that the Chief Justice as the head of the house will take everyone along, for that he will first hold a full court meeting and then things will move forward, I also had the same idea and opinion. That the matter should go to a full court meeting, the Chief Justice should unite his house.

He said that when the three-member bench started the hearing, the Pakistan Bar Council and other bar councils and the Attorney General also pleaded, but the Chief Justice thought it appropriate that the three-member bench would hear it, and this is turning into a crisis. In such a situation when the Parliament has made the legislation, it has gone to the President for his signature, keeping all these things in front of us, we are expecting that the Chief Justice will take his other judges into confidence and discuss these matters. And how to continue the series.

He said that the bar councils are also saying that if political division is visible, the court should sit together and solve it. He said that the country is currently going through an economic crisis and if the constitutional crisis also occurs, the situation will become more complicated.

He said that it is being said in the Supreme Court that there should be a negotiation, we say that there should be a negotiation within the Supreme Court as well. He said that the Prime Minister and the political leaders have called a political meeting to decide what will be the effect on political stability if a three-member bench hears the matter in the current situation.

He said that it is the duty of all institutions to sit down to solve problems with collective thinking, if they implement the decisions of the minority, it will not bring good results. In response to a question, he said that the consensus Talking about the opinion, even within this forum, the full court would sit and issue an order to take the matter in this direction, half of the Supreme Court is saying something else, half of it is saying something else, and the head of the Supreme Court has its own position.

He said that there have been three decades in this system, the voice is coming from the bar, parliament, civil society that the political temperature needs to be cooled down, all sections are saying that there should be a consensus even in the highest court, the Supreme Court. Should . He said that the Supreme Court should be given a constitutional path and political stability.

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