Russian site: Poland is preparing for war with Russia, so when will the attack begin?

Russian experts revealed in a report published by the Russian "News Re" website that Poland is preparing to wage war on Russia in the coming years, and warned that all scenarios are open if Warsaw takes this step.

The site quoted Polish historian Mikhail Krupa as warning – in an article published by the American magazine "Chronicles" – that the "Americanization" of Warsaw's foreign policy would precipitate a war between Russia and Poland.

Krupa added that the Polish authorities intend to fight Russia by any means, explaining that the anti-Russian feelings of the Polish authorities are a source of comfort for the White House.

The Russian website stated that, according to the results of recent opinion polls, 30% of Poles will leave the country in the event of an armed conflict with Russia on their lands, due to their unwillingness to fight the Russian army, despite the propaganda launched by those calling for war with Russia.


"News Re" quoted Russian military Vladislav Shurygin as saying that Poland is preparing to enter into a conflict with Russia within 5 or 10 years after implementing its plans to achieve military and political leadership in Europe.

Schurigin adds that Poland is not ready at the present time for this, because it is working to strengthen its military forces in order to make it the largest in Europe, and it is currently unable to confront the Russian armed forces in any way.

According to Shurygin, if the successor to the North Atlantic "NATO" (NATO) does not want to distance itself from Poland, the current conflict will turn into an all-out European war.

without NATO

The site highlighted that the political researcher and historian Alexander Zimovski said that Poland can launch a war against Russia without the involvement of NATO, adding that the Russian Kaliningrad region could be the starting point for the conflict to end at this point.

According to "News Re", Russian experts make it clear that the Ukrainian armed forces have suffered heavy losses, while Moscow is steadily achieving its goals in Ukraine, and by the end of this year, the Ukrainian forces will witness a heavy defeat despite the West's desperation to supply them with weapons and financial aid, which means that they will not have The Polish army has plenty of time to help its Ukrainian partners.

And what about Belarus?

Russian experts point out that Belarus may interfere in the potential confrontation between Poland and Russia after Warsaw indicated its intention to recover its eastern regions, which were annexed in September 1939 to Belarus and Ukraine.

Poland may use the war with Russia to re-establish its control over vast areas, a factor that will involve the Belarusian army in the military conflict.

Zimovski stressed that in the event of a war between Russia and Poland in the Kaliningrad region, Belarus will have two options: either to fulfill its obligations towards Russia and fight with it, or to allow Poland to annex western Belarus and establish a pro-Polish client regime in the remaining Belarusian lands, as he put it.

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