Does drinking a large amount of water at suhoor prevent thirst during fasting?

Many believe that to quench thirst during the day in Ramadan, a lot of water must be stored in the body by drinking more of it at suhoor, so is this belief correct? And how accurate is it?

The answer is that drinking a large amount of water in one go at Suhoor is not a good idea, as it will put a big load on your stomach and may cause it to become upset.

Also, the water you drink at suhoor is eliminated by the kidneys in the early hours of the day, and it will not come in the middle of the day that you have lost most of it through urination, and you will find yourself having to go to the bathroom several times annoyingly.


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The correct way to avoid or reduce thirst in Ramadan is to drink sufficient quantities of fluids, from 8 to 10 cups, and juices, coffee, tea, soups and water are counted in foods, distributed over the time from breakfast to suhoor.

At suhoor, we advise you to eat vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, melons, and melons, as they contain water, and your body will gradually absorb it during digestion, which will maintain body moisture for a longer period.

You can also eat a plate of soup with a glass or two of water, and in this way you will reduce thirst to the least possible extent.

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