Nationwide 'Immunization Week' begins to protect children through vaccination

Islamabad. April 24 (APP): The spokesman of the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination has said that with the cooperation of all provinces and stakeholders, the World Immunization Week is being celebrated across the country from Monday to prevent diseases. Therefore, awareness can be raised about the importance of vaccination. The theme of this year's Immunization Week campaign is 'The Big Catch Up', with the aim of promoting greater action on immunization at the global level so that people at all levels and at all levels can achieve health and wellness at the same time. The role of vaccines in improving welfare services can be promoted.

In collaboration with provincial immunization extension programs and other stakeholders, the Federal Directorate of Immunization has launched a week-long vaccination campaign at the end of April to highlight the importance of vaccination to prevent communicable diseases, the spokesman said in a statement. Awareness can be raised about Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel, in his message to mark the launch of World Immunization Week, urged parents to vaccinate their children against 12 deadly diseases before the age of two.

The ultimate goal of this week is to protect more children from vaccine-preventable diseases and to create awareness about the importance of vaccines. The Government of Pakistan is committed to ensuring that safe and effective vaccines reach every child, including vulnerable and remote communities. The Federal Minister thanked the frontline health workers and EPI teams for their tireless efforts in achieving this goal. The government is dedicated to ensuring that immunization registration and availability reaches 100 percent to ensure the success of the immunization drive.

Frontline workers play a vital role in facilitating vaccination in remote and underserved areas and the government is taking all necessary measures to protect the public from diseases and epidemics. The Federal Minister emphasized the importance of vaccination for the protection of public health. He urged the parents to vaccinate their children against deadly diseases to protect their health in the future. Polio is still a threat to many children, making it important to provide access to the polio vaccine during World Immunization Week.

In his message, Federal Secretary Health Dr. Muhammad Fakhr Alam said that the ultimate goal of the World Immunization Week is to provide more children with vaccines to prevent diseases and enable them to live a healthy and happy life. Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations And representing coordination, urged all stakeholders to fulfill their responsibilities to ensure 100 percent coverage of universal immunization. This includes religious leaders, academics, doctors, media representatives, civil society organizations, members of parliament, immunization partners, donor organizations, parents and frontline health workers.

Federal Director of Immunization, Director General, Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Qazi, at the launch of the week said that World Immunization Week is to remind families and communities about the effectiveness of vaccines and to take steps to ensure that people In order to provide vaccines to children and people of all ages, as we have observed the mandatory vaccination of people of all ages for the covid-19 vaccination. "We know that a significant number of unimmunized children come from urban slums, which are difficult to reach and security is compromised," he said. These children are in dire need of basic services such as basic health care, education, clean drinking water and sanitation.

Now we must focus our resources to find new ways to track these unvaccinated zero-dose children. Coordinator of National Emergency Operation Center, Dr Shahzad Baig, said that polio is still a threat to the future of many children. This World Immunization Week let's immunize all children against polio, especially those who have never been vaccinated. Because unless we end polio for good, polio can endanger anyone, anywhere. He further said that we are trying to ensure that even children from the most disadvantaged areas can get access to polio vaccine, other essential care and a healthy future.

Routine is a set of childhood immunizations, given from birth to 15 months of age. Completion of the schedule protects children from 12 vaccine-preventable diseases, including tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, Haemophilus influenzae type B, hepatitis B, diarrhea, pneumonia, typhoid, measles and rubella. Included. Dr Palitha Mahipala, WHO Representative in Pakistan, said that the entire course is provided free of cost through the government's EPI in collaboration with global and technical partners such as Gavi, Vaccine Alliance, WHO and UNICEF. Vaccines bring us closer to community cohesion and support. With equitable access to life-saving vaccines, children can go to school, become healthy adults, parents can earn a living and communities can thrive in a prosperous and healthy society.

Abdullah Fadal, UNICEF Representative in Pakistan, said that World Immunization Week is a reminder that timely vaccination is the first line of defense against infectious diseases. Reiterating UNICEF's commitment to vaccinate every child in Pakistan, he said vaccines save millions of lives every year, especially among children who are more susceptible due to low immunity. Vaccination is a safe and effective way to help them survive, thrive and reach their full potential in life.

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