He faces 20 years in prison.. An American content maker fakes a plane crash to harvest views

The US Department of Justice announced that a famous content maker had confessed to faking his plane crash in 2021 in order to harvest views, which could expose him to a harsh sentence that could reach 20 years in prison.

On December 24, 2021, the famous content creator, Jacob Trevor, published a video clip on his YouTube channel, documenting his descent from the plane by parachute before it crashed.

The cameras installed on the wings of the plane documented his flight, and Trevor appeared at the beginning while he was driving the plane calmly, and at a certain moment it seemed as if the plane was suffering from a certain problem and was no longer able to fly, then Jacob jumped using his parachute, while the cameras kept documenting the plane’s collapse until it hit the ground. .

Jacob is then shown stuck in the woods with wounds on his body under difficult conditions, suffering from thirst and walking in rough places.

The clip also documented finding the plane, which was completely destroyed as a result of the collision, before Jacob left it to continue his arduous journey out with the forest, where he eventually boarded a car at a creek.

The clip was popular, with more than 3 million users watching it, and many sympathized with Trevor because of the difficult circumstances he faced.

Jacob's story raised suspicions from aviation experts and state authorities, as there was no attempt to contact air traffic control, with many unconvincing points in his story.

Investigations into the incident continued by specialists and state authorities until the California Attorney General issued a statement, the day before yesterday, Thursday, in which he said that Jacob had admitted that he had lied to investigators regarding the incident and its details.

Jacob told investigators at the time that he did not know the location of the wreckage, while he later cut it up and hid it in cluttered places in order to mislead the authorities.

Jacob admitted that he completely faked the incident in order to film the clip, harvest views, and promote a company.

The Federal Aviation Administration revoked Jacob's license in April 2022, and according to the statement, the penalty for the crime he committed could be up to 20 years in prison.

The incident sparked widespread anger across American platforms, as tweeters criticized the exploitation of a dangerous event in this way in order to increase views.

Bloggers highlighted a lot of wrong behavior, which some do to get the platforms' attention, which one of the tweeters described as a spreading disease.

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + Websites + social media sites

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