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Pakistan and Turkey should work together by pooling joint research and resources to deal with common challenges and emerging threats, have always supported each other's position on Kashmir and Northern Cyprus, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif Interview

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پاکستان اور ترکیہ کومشترک چیلنجز اور ابھرتے ہوئے خطرات سے نمٹنے کیلئے مشترکہ تحقیق اور وسائل کو یکجا کرکے مل کر کام کرنا چاہئے ، کشمیر اور شمالی قبرص پر ہمیشہ ایک دوسرے کے موقف کی حمایت کی ہے، وزیراعظم شہبازشریف کا انٹرویو

Istanbul. November 27 (APP): Prime Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif received Describing the relationship as ideal, Turkey has said that in the face of common challenges and emerging threats, Pakistan and Turkey should work together through deep partnership by pooling joint research and resources. Having a principled position on Northern Cyprus, we have always supported each other's position on international forums, in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations and the wishes of the Kashmiri people, without a fair solution to the Kashmir conflict, lasting peace cannot be established in the region, with all countries. Constructive relations based on mutual respect and peaceful resolution of problems can promote peace, security and development in the entire region.

He expressed these thoughts in an interview with the Turkish news agency "Anatolia Agency" on the occasion of his recent visit to Turkey. It should be noted that Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif visited Turkey on November 25 and 26 at the invitation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and along with the Turkish President, the third of the four corvette ships PNS was commissioned for the Pakistan Navy at the Istanbul Shipyard. Inaugurated Khyber.


Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that we believe that Pakistan and Turkey should work together and deepen their partnership through joint research and joint development and pooling of resources. Describing the bilateral relations with Turkey as "ideal", he said that the strength of our historical ties is based on common religious, cultural and linguistic ties and these ties transcend political changes on both sides. It should be remembered that this year the two countries are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif praised Turkey's defense industry and said that facing common challenges and new and emerging threats, Pakistan and Turkey have deepened their cooperation in various fields, especially in the field of defense. Shahbaz Sharif praised the Turkish defense industry and said that Turkey has achieved great achievements under the leadership of President Erdogan, and has overcome all difficulties and challenges in the last two decades.

He said that Pakistan is the biggest defense buyer of Turkey. The Prime Minister further emphasized that their cooperation in the construction of submarines is of unique value not only for enhancing the capabilities of the Pakistani Navy, but significantly for the friendship between our two nations and the two navies. It is an important opportunity to further strengthen the bond of He said that during the last seven and a half decades, the two countries have always stood by each other "in the face of all changes". Pakistan and Turkey support each other on all issues of core national interest, be it Jammu and Kashmir or the issue of Northern Cyprus.


The Prime Minister said that I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Turkish leadership and people for their principled support on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. He said that the two countries share common views on regional and international issues, while benefiting from close cooperation at bilateral, regional and multilateral forums, our public and cultural ties are flourishing.

In response to a question regarding the condition of resolving the Kashmir dispute for the restoration of normal relations between Pakistan and India, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that Pakistan's foreign policy is based on friendship and goodwill with all. We want good relations with all neighbors including India.

He, however, stressed that for full normalization of relations, including restoration of trade ties, India must reverse its August 5, 2019 steps when New Delhi revoked the limited autonomy of occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Shahbaz Sharif said that India should end its state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and should not attempt demographic changes in the occupied territory to maintain its illegal occupation.


Reiterating his desire for good relations with India, the Prime Minister said, "We firmly believe that without a just solution to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people, Peace cannot be achieved. Shehbaz Sharif said that the illegal and unilateral actions of August 5, 2019 and subsequent actions in India's illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir have worsened the environment.

He said that it is India's responsibility to create an enabling environment for meaningful and purposeful communication. He said that the economic policies of the previous government were not sustainable which led the economy to several challenges. He said that Pakistan's economy was facing the effects of excessive financial stringency, severe supply line pressure, effects of pandemic, loss of investor confidence, inflation and Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, the current government has adopted comprehensive policies to deal with the economic recession in recognition of the fact that we had very little time to pull back from the brink of bankruptcy and financial collapse.

"There is no doubt that some of our tough policy decisions and decisions like withdrawal of untargeted subsidies have increased the cost to the economy in the short term," he said. But, most of our policies are based on long-term benefits. "It is a matter of policy choices and political credibility. Although political credibility has been damaged by such tough decisions, we risked taking these decisions by rolling back untargeted subsidies," he said.


The Prime Minister said that we are also aware of the fact that the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the society have suffered but we are taking care of them by announcing targeted subsidies and other relief measures. The Prime Minister said that the revival of the IMF program and active engagement with bilateral and multilateral partners has reduced economic pressure. He said that to deal with the economic crisis, the government has taken steps to reduce the pressure on the import bill, current account deficit and Pakistani currency.

He further said, “Continued decline in imports has helped improve the current account deficit during the first four months of FY2023. However, the massive floods that hit Pakistan earlier this year have caused a lot of damage, but our government's recently announced packages for farmers and traders will help boost economic activity.

Calling on industrialized nations to meet their climate finance commitments, the prime minister said Pakistan contributes less than one per cent to the global carbon footprint, but is exposed to "heat waves, cyclones, droughts, torrential rains and unprecedented Natural calamities are faced in the form of monsoon.


He said there was an urgent need for industrialized countries to meet their climate finance commitments, with a balanced focus on adaptation and mitigation, and welcomed an agreement to establish a "climate change damage fund" to compensate developing countries. He also suggested that the international community explore the possibility of debt swaps for "climate action, especially adaptation". Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that the country mobilized all possible resources and capacities to launch coordinated rescue and relief operations and faced the situation arising from the massive floods.

He said that the National Flood Response and Coordination Center has been established to effectively coordinate rescue and relief operations. The National Flood Response and Coordination Center is working on recovery projects as floodwaters recede, a national effort in which everyone is contributing, from Pakistanis from all walks of life. In addition to business, civil society, and human rights organizations, civil and military leadership and institutions are engaged.

The Pakistani government has put the death toll from heavy rains and floods since mid-June at more than 1,700. Recalling the UN Secretary General's visit to Pakistan's flood-prone areas, Shahbaz Sharif said that Antonio Guterres repeatedly said that countries like Pakistan, which had no part in global warming, were the most affected by climate change. .


The Prime Minister said that I repeat his words that this is not just a matter of solidarity but a matter of justice. This trend of death, destruction and destruction is due to climate change, the causes of which are global. Therefore, the response calls for international solidarity and collective action.

The prime minister said that inter-state relations should be based on mutual respect. The prime minister said that Pakistan has "long-standing and broad-based relations" with the US and is committed to deepening and broadening those relations. Answering various questions, he said that in recent months, the relations between the two countries have been very productive and substantial. Our interactions at various levels have intensified, which shows that the relationship is strengthening.

Referring to the recent conversation with US President Joe Biden in New York, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that there have been several high-level visits, including delegations from the Congress and members of the (US) administration. He said that these contacts have yielded positive results and our relations have become stronger. He thanked Washington for providing $97 million in aid to Pakistani flood victims. He said the two countries, celebrating 75 years of diplomatic ties, set a promising course for the coming decades. have been.


He described the US as an important trading partner and added that the two countries are exploring more ways to strengthen bilateral business and trade ties. Some American companies are doing very well in Pakistan. We encourage major U.S. companies to invest in Pakistan's lucrative market and foster trade ties, especially as there are investment opportunities in our growing IT sector, more students between the two countries. Exchanges are encouraging. The Prime Minister praised the Pakistani expatriates living in the US and said that they are working as a bridge to deepen the relationship between our two countries and people.

He said that Pakistan is also cooperating closely with the United States to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan, while pursuing a foreign policy of friendship and goodwill with all countries. He said that Pakistan has traditionally maintained good relations with the US and China.

Historically, it was Pakistan that played a bridging role in opening relations between the United States and the People's Republic of China. , which are broad-based in nature and cover all matters of mutual interest. The Prime Minister said that we believe that constructive relations with all countries can promote peace and security as well as development and connectivity in the entire region. We look forward to engaging with the international community for peace and stability in the region and beyond. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan strongly believes that inter-state relations should be based on mutual respect and peaceful resolution of issues while upholding the principles of the United Nations Charter and international law.


Regarding relations with China, Shahbaz Sharif said that the recent meetings with the Chinese leadership have given new impetus to our joint efforts to ensure timely progress and implementation of major projects. Along with progressing important projects like Main Line (M1) and Karachi Circular Railway (ML1/KCR), an important agreement has been reached on the early implementation of the Industrial Cooperation Framework Agreement. He said that we also agreed to enhance cooperation in green energy, science and technology and agriculture, which are all key building blocks for the high-quality development of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif emphasized that Pakistan has always given top priority to the security and safety of its international partners in development. We have stepped up measures to maintain a clean and safe environment, which is essential for investment and socio-economic development. He further said that both Pakistan and China will remain vigilant in view of the complex regional environment and the threats posed by it and ensure that the nefarious intentions of the adversaries are thwarted.


The news is published by EMEA Tribune & Associated Press of Pakistan210520-twitter-verified-cs-70cdee.jpg (1500×750)

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