Pakistan is also a memory of millions of martyrs!

Looking at the most serious problems and challenges faced by the country and the nation, this poem of Ajmeri spontaneously started to be remembered.

Time makes nurturing years


Accidents don't happen all at once

Worthy Ajmeri was born in 1931 and died at the age of just 31 years, but despite his young age, a great truth has been described in this small poem. Young people are generally less listened to. But Shaykh Saadi removed many of my white hairs from this confusion in such a way that 'Greatness is not based on intelligence'. Therefore, the talk of worthy Ajmeri is of great importance to the meditators.

The vandalism in response to the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on May 9, 2023 was and continues to be alarming for Pakistanis. It will be natural for the law to act on it. Hence the contents of the press release issued in this regard after the Special Conference of Corps Commanders are respected. But the most important institution of the country, stuck in the quagmire of problems and challenges, moving forward in this direction with great anger may cause not only the country and the nation but also the Pakistan Army to sink into a new quagmire.

The campaign to publicize resentment and hatred of the armed forces is old and deeply rooted. A major source of this resentment is connected with the reign of Ayub Khan. The manner in which his reign ended is not a secret to public resentment and the characters who fueled it. Among the reasons for this was Ayub Khan and his authoritarianism that he was the first to impose martial law. From his time till today, the thinking about the army for specific reasons among the political parties, their leaderships and workers has become more intense than before. Unfortunately, the scope of this thinking is not limited to any one party.

The tragedy in 1971 led to increased resentment towards East Pakistan and the military and political leadership of the time. Then the years 1977, 1979, 1999, 2007, 2001, 2017 and 2022 came up with incidents of increasing hatred towards the military leadership, sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly. Over time, the hate campaign against the army deepened and widened. The unnatural deaths of some important personalities with the difference of time and place and reasons also led to an increase in this regard.

The slogans that were raised under the leadership of Manzoor Pashteen were never imagined before, this slogan was used as a strategy by political parties to empower them for their purposes. Then the conniving and tyrannical politicians of the main political parties threatened to destroy the memo case, brick by brick in their own way. The famous Gujranwala rally and speech, the threat of being 'dangerous', General Bajwa's six-year tenure in purely political mode, and this issue seems to be going nowhere. The proliferation of social media and the weapon of electronic media reaching the hands of those with somewhat weaker backgrounds in terms of journalistic experience and national thinking was also important.

It is a fact in its place that the reasons for this resentment and hatred were not everywhere unilateral or weak. Even Khogar Hamad was rightly forced to cower. Those who were natural allies of the military in this country were also lost.

Apart from this, the agenda and conspiracies of foreign enemies also continued to play a role. Fifth Generation War was also instrumental in fueling this trend and it must be said that the result was that the situation reached the level that the events of May 9th took place. In this, while the propagandists against the army were being used in some places, the army also did not review its policy and strategy in a way that would lead to improvement of the situation. This was not possible due to the seriousness of the challenges faced by the Army, leading to issues of 'in-tech' or lack of focus in the priorities of the Army's training and maneuvering sectors. It is difficult for me at least to say anything definitive about this. Somewhere there must have been a turning point that justified questioning the 'conduct' of the highest leadership.

The latest incident took place on May 9. A natural and immediate reaction to this incident could be what is happening today in the form of arrests or after the Corps Commanders Conference. If this case remains in the category of 'fair trial', then its justification is definitely there. However, there are differing views on the trial of non-military civilians in military courts. Strong arguments are available on both sides. However, in Rakim's opinion, instead of thinking in this fixed and fixed way or moving forward in the same way, dealing with the issues with different 'approaches' can be more useful in the favor of the country, the nation and the army.

There is no doubt that the memorials of martyrs have a special honor, sanctity and importance. Reports of attempts to target military installations are also unacceptable. But if we look at it from this point of view, this action of young and enthusiastic workers of PTI cannot be done under any negative and disgusting spirit of anti-nationalism or treason. This reaction and expression of anger on the part of PTI workers cannot even be considered as subservient to the spirit of harming national security.

It was not a favorite verb at all. In these incidents, where the political workers, political leadership are guilty, the responsibility is placed on someone else. That after all all this happened and no one stopped them before reaching these places. In this regard, even if there were no intelligence reports, it is a matter of concern. Because now a responsible minister of the government has said that such preparations were being made for the last eight months. If this claim is true, then it is very surprising that what the relevant agencies, police and others have been doing all this time?

One of the reasons for dealing with a different and unconventional 'approach' is the challenging situation in which General Qamar Javed Bajwa has entrusted the new leadership to the army after his six-year tenure. This is probably unprecedented in the past. The challenges faced on the eastern and western borders, the spreading wave of terrorism, the knocking changes at the global and regional level. The country is already in the worst quagmire of economic and political instability. Therefore, pushing the country's military establishment and the country into a new quagmire could be dangerous. Another important issue is the fact that the real political leadership in the country is out of the Houses. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to make reactive decisions about the leaders or workers of a party that is popular among the youth and women of the entire country. The resulting 'polarization' within the country could be a prelude to a major conflict.

It is also a fact that there are sentimental references to army morale and martyrs' memorials. However, it should not be overlooked that the kingdom is a memorial to millions of martyrs rather than God himself. It also commemorates the sacrificial sacrifices of millions of mothers, sisters and daughters. Unfortunately, we have lost a whole part of this sign of Iqbal, Quaid, including the collective memorial of millions of martyrs and our forefathers. They are still slaughtering the interests of the country on the altar of their own interests every day. We are the unfortunate ones who could not even protect the 'Ziarat Residency', the last resting place of the founder of Pakistan. They have failed to save their native residence in Karachi from flood water in every monsoon till now.

The founder of Pakistan's confidant and first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan's assassination conspiracy has not been revealed till date. The great general of Pakistan Army, Zia-ul-Haq Shaheed along with many precious lives were lost due to the crash of an aircraft. But we were also helpless to expose the person responsible for the tragedy. As a nation, we have not been able to free our aorta from the hands of the enemy. Of course, the aorta of Pakistan is also a memorial of countless martyrs. After new revelations since August 5, 2019, the situation is that India is convening the Group of 20 meeting in Srinagar and Sambukum Ami is sitting and if there is any effort, for Indian Occupied Kashmir and Kashmiri brothers. No, it is for mutual fights within the country for our own interests.

There is a need for the top military and civilian leadership to use collective wisdom and prudence. He should make decisions subject to the overall national interest, not keeping in mind the anger or interest of any individual, group. Bring the nation on the same page to come down from the peak of political and economic crisis and for that announce a fair and fair election with broad national consultation. So that the atmosphere of controversy in the country can be stopped and given a positive and better direction. If a consensus can be reached in this regard, necessary amendments should be made to conduct elections under proportional representation.

The military leadership should go ahead and announce an apology to ordinary political workers. Yes, if it is considered necessary, those who attack with weapons must be given a fair trial, but these stone and slingers should not be included among the armed people. Let the military and political leaders see these youths as the future of their country, not as enemies. These are yours. Their misconceptions should be removed and they should be persuaded to play their role for national development and prosperity. Whether they speak Pashto or Punjabi, Balochi or Sindhi and Urdu, they are all sons of Pakistan, all are precious. It is not unusual for young people to make emotional mistakes. However, from Parliament to 'TV Talk Shows' and from 'TV Talk Shows' to 'Vlogs', we are indoctrinating the new generation to fight, yell, scream, abuse others, blame and hate. They are teaching group bias.

Note: It is not necessary to agree with the opinion of the columnist of Al Arabiya Urdu.

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