Pakistan is in safe hands, we inherited a ruined economy and a defaulting country, Imran Khan put the country's reputation at stake, Maryam Aurangzeb

Islamabad. May 15 (APP): Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb has said that Pakistan is in safe hands, we inherited a ruined economy and a defaulting country which we saved. The country's reputation was at stake, for the largest loan in the history of the country, it was violated by signing the IMF program, the government has nothing to do with the arrest of Imran Khan, the National Accountability Bureau has arrested Imran in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case. Khan was arrested, it has never happened in the history of Pakistan that the accused who is on physical remand has got such a big relief, if Imran Khan is questioned or investigated, they resort to violence.

He expressed these thoughts in his special interview to the international broadcasting organization "Al Jazeera". Federal Minister of Information said that by arresting Imran Khan, we did not want to achieve any goal, the government has nothing to do with his arrest. is investigating and NAB issued several notices to Imran Khan but Imran Khan did not respond to any of the notices of NAB. He said that the arrest of Imran Khan was challenged in the Islamabad High Court, on which the Islamabad High Court declared the arrest of Imran Khan legal.

To a question, the Federal Information Minister said that there are many examples that when Imran Khan was in power and the opposition asked him a question, he would have sent him to the death cell. . In the RSF report, Imran Khan was called a media predator. He said that Imran Khan had held the highest position of the country's chief executive, when he came to the opposition, he was questioned about various corruption cases, so he resorted to violence. He said that FIA and NAB are investigating various cases to which Imran Khan has to answer and Imran Khan is not ready to answer, this process has been going on for the last 14 months.

He said that when the court issued the warrant for Imran Khan, the police went to Zaman Park to comply with the court warrant, even then Imran Khan resorted to violence and used women and children as human shields for his protection What did He said that the police were attacked there with petrol bombs. Apart from this, Imran Khan had incited his workers to similar violence on the occasion of the May 25 Long March, broke bridges, attacked state and public properties and metro stations, vandalized the judicial complex, and destroyed the judicial complex. There were no doors and windows left, they had Kalashnikovs and petrol bombs.

Imran Khan continues to play such a hideous game. Whenever they are questioned or investigated, they resort to violence and incite their people to violence. The federal minister said that when NAB arrested Imran Khan from the court premises, what happened in the country for three days is in front of everyone. He said that there was no political reaction to the arrest of Imran Khan because a large number of people come out in political reaction but everyone saw that people were gathered together and incited to violence in different places and then the PTI leadership She also monitored the process to see how many people had reached Jinnah House, Corps Commander House and Metro bridges in Lahore. He said that the government has to protect its citizens.

Patients have to be saved. The armed groups of PTI took the patients out of the ambulances and set fire to the ambulances, attacked schools, burnt the hospitals, set fire to the cattle market, they were not taking the name of stopping, but in this whole situation the government was very wise. And showed patience. He said that Imran Khan did not answer in the corruption case, he was on physical remand and despite all this he came out of jail in 48 hours, this had not happened in the history of the country till date.

To a question, he said that the government acted maturely in the whole situation, we knew that a person was inciting people to violence, such was his mindset. He said that the state is not just the government, it is the executive, judiciary and parliament and establishing the writ of the state is the responsibility of these three pillars. Responding to the question regarding the cases against Imran Khan, the Federal Information Minister said that one hundred cases are false statements of Imran Khan, his narrative has always been the same, prohibited funding, Tosha Khana, Al Qadir Trust against Imran Khan. There are cases of corruption and theft.

Imran Khan is not ready to answer in these cases. He said that Imran Khan is trying to create an impression that the government is against him and is targeting him for some political revenge. If we wanted to do this, we would not have waited for 14 months. The ridiculous way Imran Khan was moving, if we wanted him, he would be behind bars. We had government power and authority, we could have arrested them but we do not believe in political revenge.

On the contrary, Imran Khan used illegal powers against the opposition during his tenure. When asked about the elections in the country, the Federal Minister of Information said that the assemblies of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab were dissolved at the behest of Imran Khan, then Pervaiz Elahi, who was their chief minister, himself said in clear words on the media that he would never They did not want to dissolve the Punjab Assembly. He said that Imran Khan is currently out of power, it cannot be that the elections are held at the time of Imran Khan's will. He said that there is a constitution and law regarding elections, elections will be held when we complete our constitutional term.

On another question, he said that during the four-year tenure of Imran Khan, false and baseless cases were established against us, our cases were not heard for more than a year, but on the contrary, Imran Khan was not involved in any case against himself. Did not go to court, was on physical remand when arrested and granted bail in all cases. Nowhere in the world is it like this. When asked about the economic situation, the Federal Minister of Information said that there is no example of what happened to the economy in the four years of Imran Khan, when we were in government in 2018, the GDP grew at the rate of 6 percent. Inflation was the lowest ever recorded in the country at 2.6%.

The IMF program was completed in 2015, CPEC was running, there was employment, development, schools were being built, universities were being built, foreign policy was strong, CPEC was on the rise, neighboring countries and There were many projects going on with regional countries and when Imran Khan's tenure started, Imran Khan sank the economy in four years, he took the biggest debt in history. He said that from Imran Khan we inherited the highest inflation in history, we got a defaulting country which we saved. Imran Khan signed an agreement with the IMF and then violated it, when we came to power, the IMF program was suspended, we started negotiations on it again. Imran Khan had put the reputation of the country at stake. We inherited Imran Khan's economic disaster.

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