The elections will not be held on May 14, as much as one wants to, under the caretaker setup, the Muslim League (N) will be led by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in the general elections in October. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan's address to the iftar party Faisalabad. April 16 (APP): Federal Interior Minister and Provincial President of Muslim League (N) Punjab Rana Sanaullah Khan said that elections will not be held on May 14 as per the caretaker set-up in October. In the general elections to be held together, the Muslim League (N) will be led by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, who will arrive in Pakistan before the elections and will not only be among his people, but will also be on the journey of building and developing the country by achieving historic success. Will start from there Where he left the country developing at lightning speed, therefore, all Muslim League leaders and workers should spread from street to street, neighborhood to neighborhood and start their election campaign with full force and energy to convey this message from house to house. How the calamity imposed on the country for four years with the help of the crutches of some institutions pushed the country into the swamp of destruction and the current inflationary storm in the country is the conditions of the agreement made with the IMF of this calamity. as a result of which subsidies on electricity, gas, petrol and other public necessities had to be removed, but now the people should be a little more patient because we have reached an agreement with the IMF and we have taken measures day and night to help the country. is saved by default After which, God willing, the new era of reconstruction and development in the country is going to begin under the leadership of Muhammad Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He was addressing the iftar party ceremony at the dera of Muslim League (N) Faisalabad leader and former chairman UC 106 Satara Colony Haji Ghulam Mustafa on Sunday night. A large number of Muslim League workers including former MPA Madiha Rana were also present. Rana Sanaullah said that the storm of inflation is the result of Imran Khan's agreement with the IMF on very strict terms because in the terms he accepted for the agreement, it was clearly stated by the IMF that all the subsidies to be given to the people first. After that, there will be an agreement, so even if we don't want to, we have to accept those conditions, so the nation will not be deceived by the one who will destroy the country again in 4 years. What was the rate of flour, sugar, ghee, electricity, gas, dollar and what is it now, the only reason is that Fitna was imposed on the country under a conspiracy and such policies were made. That the country suffered from an economic crisis, but the people know that when a crisis hit the country, the Muslim League (N) under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif took it out of the crisis. Now Pakistan should talk to us thoughtfully, but Nawaz Sharif in response hit the whole world and made 6 explosions compared to India's 5, so if we were not a nuclear power, India would have eaten us. Rana Sanaullah said that his Later came the period of martial law which pushed the country further into depression but in 2018 the country was on the path of development, so the calamity was imposed on us. He said that an agreement was almost reached with the IMF and now we have come out of the difficult time while the country also escaped default. And they did not build any motorway, metro, or expressway, they just removed our boards and installed their own boards, so people ask them where are 5 million houses and 1 crore jobs. Rana Sanaullah said that the establishment has also realized. That he made a mistake. He said that Nawaz Sharif will come to Pakistan very soon and before the election and a full election campaign will be conducted under his leadership. While the nation will start the journey of serving this country and the nation by making him the prime minister again with the power of vote. The interior minister said that Pakistan Muslim League (N) has been tested not once but three times by you and this country, which will continue in the future. It will not disappoint you. He said that if it had not intervened for four years in between, the country would have been on the path of development today. He said that when Muhammad Nawaz Sharif came, did the country not develop, during the period of Nawaz Sharif, loadshedding and terrorism were ended in the country, but after that a mischief was planned. He said that when Nawaz Sharif came to power with the public mandate in 2013, the dollar was 110 rupees, petrol was 65 rupees per liter, sugar was 50 rupees, and flour was 35 rupees per kg. Load shedding and terrorism were on the rise but Nawaz Sharif put an end to load shedding and terrorism as soon as he came to power. I would prefer suicide instead, so it would have been better if he had committed suicide and not lied before the IMF and the people would not have suffered inflation because of it. But this sedition made such an agreement with the IMF that if we did not fulfill it, the country would have defaulted and if the country has been saved, the IMF has set such conditions that such and such subsidy should be removed, such and such relief should be withdrawn and now If you believe what he says, inflation will break the back of the people, so we took this bitter sip, but this situation is only for a short time, so the people should always reject this conspiratorial sedition policy that is hostile to the country and the people in the next general elections. Bury it so that Muslim League-N can once again start the journey of public service and national development. Ranathnaullah said that he succeeded from this area 3 times but he had to sit in the opposition because Pakistan's democracy was not successful enough to give development funds to the opposition but the fourth time when he succeeded, Shahbaz Sharif became the chief minister and I became the minister. He made a law and did all the development work of this constituency, built a hospital in the constituency, built 2 women's colleges, built a community center, built a ward, but in 2018 the constituency was divided into 3 parts, which was intended to weaken me, but not only did they fail. Rather, the people made him successful in the election of the National Assembly, so the position he has as the Federal Minister of Interior is due to his service to you people, and apart from that, he has done a lot of work in the constituency. He said that his opponents who lived in this constituency for the last 4 years told one thing, these people did nothing but make money. He started the campaign and started the preparations for the election, it should not be stopped. He also thanked Mustafa Bhatti for organizing the wonderful event.

Faisalabad. April 16 (APP): Federal Interior Minister and Provincial President of Muslim League (N) Punjab Rana Sanaullah Khan said that elections will not be held on May 14 as per the caretaker set-up in October. In the general elections to be held together, the Muslim League (N) was led by Muhammad […]

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