Thousands of people are waiting for "good to see" in pending cases, Imran Khan is responsible for the May 9 tragedy, Federal Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb

ہزاروں لوگ زیر التواءمقدمات میں ”گڈ ٹو سی یو“ کے منتظر ہیں، سانحہ 9 مئی کا ذمہ دار عمران خان ہے، وفاقی وزیر اطلاعات مریم اورنگزیب

Islamabad. May 16 (APP): Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb has said that thousands of people are waiting for "good to see" in pending cases. Imran Khan is responsible for the tragedy of May 9. HQ, sensitive buildings and state properties were attacked, every heart is saddened and every eye is tearful on these tragedies, no enemy can do what PTI has done, action will be taken against those who spread mischief, according to law, PD M protested for the dignity of the judiciary, not even a pot was broken.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, the Federal Information Minister congratulated the people on the reduction in petroleum products and said that despite the difficult economic situation, the finance minister has given a big relief to the people by reducing the petroleum products. He said that in his four years, Imran Khan caused economic destruction, made people unemployed, destroyed foreign policy, and suspended the IMF program. We started the renegotiation of the IMF program, it is ongoing. Talking about the tragedy of May 9, the Federal Minister said that every heart is saddened and every eye is tearful on this tragedy, as a Pakistani today everyone is saddened and strongly condemns it.

He said that no leader of PTI including Imran Khan condemned these incidents because all these incidents were planned in Zaman Park on the orders of Imran Khan so why would they condemn these incidents. Maryam Aurangzeb said that the entire politics of Imran Khan is based on chaos, disorder and conspiracy and enmity against the country. When Imran Khan staged sit-in at D Chowk, he dug graves there. Attacks on PTV Did it and congratulated his workers for it, if Imran Khan had been punished at that time, such incidents would not have happened today.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that when the country was developing during Nawaz Sharif's tenure, the IMF program was completed, projects were going on, people were getting jobs, then this person was busy with sit-ins and cursing the parliament. was sending He said that the people of Pakistan are not stupid, they are well aware of Imran Khan's chaos based politics.

The federal minister said that the foreign agent and Fitnah is lying today that what happened on May 9 was done by the agencies, the audio and messages of Murad Saeed have been heard by the public, are they the servants of the agency?, Yasmin Rashid and Ijaz. Chaudhry was giving instructions to attack sensitive buildings, is he a servant of the agency? The entire leadership of PTI is involved in the terrorism of May 9, they attacked sensitive installations and people's houses, desecrated the memorials of martyrs and ghazis, burnt Jinnah House, attacked the house of Corps Commander, did It was people from all the agencies?

He said that the conspiracy against the country through foreign funding and the politics of encirclement in the country has been the policy of Imran Khan. There will be more reaction than, was the agency speaking from your mouth? You have done these things yourself. The Federal Minister of Information said that when Imran Khan was on the chair of the Prime Minister, he used to do the same thing, if anyone asked him a question, his ribs would be broken. I put it so that no one could question them.

He said that there was a campaign against the martyrs of Lasbela from the official account of PTI. Was it run by the agencies? On May 9, PTI's official account issued instructions for vandalism and lynching, was it the agency's Twitter handle? Imran Khan attacked the national facilities and put the blame on the institutions.

He said that the people of Pakistan have seen the political reaction yesterday on the Dastur highway. Parliament House, Supreme Court, President's House, election commission office are located on the Dastur highway. There is no damage anywhere. Even the pot did not break. He said that now Imran Khan's spectacles, lies and riots should end. If Imran Khan had evidence, why did he not present it in the court? Why did you plead not to appear in this case? If you know that Tehreek-e-Insaaf did not carry out these attacks, you would have gone to court with your evidence, but the evidence is to the contrary.

The Federal Minister of Information said, "Does Imran Khan play politics by burning metro, ambulances and schools?" If you are so popular, then wait for the election and compete politically. Federal Minister of Information said that relief cannot be given to those who burn the memorials of martyrs. Imran Khan did all this by planning. On this occasion, the audio leaks of PTI leaders Murad Saeed, Sheikh Imtiaz, Ali Chaudhry, Chaudhry Ejaz, Sagheer Waraich, Khawaja Tariq Rahim, Ejaz Minhas, Yasmeen Rashid, Ibad Farooq were also played to the media, in which they spoke at the Corps Commander's house. They are giving instructions for attacks on other important installations including the Army House. The federal minister said that even after these proofs, Imran Khan is saying that the attacks were carried out by agencies.

The Federal Minister of Information said that Imran Khan thinks that no one can ask him what he wants to do. For four years, he destroyed the country's economy and foreign policy, made the people unemployed, after that he played a game of cipher, the assemblies. Break and then attack the police with petrol bombs and today they are fooling the people of Pakistan by being innocent. He said that there is an audio of Yasmeen Rashid in which she is saying that "Khan is counting who will bring how many petrol bombs and sticks".

He said that Imran Khan is responsible for spoiling the situation, Imran Khan's introduction is riot, conspiracy, terrorism, abuse, threat and hooliganism. The Federal Minister of Information said that by the grace of Allah, there is a sign of Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif's services for the country in front of the people. As blood is formed by sweat, what is the sanctity of martyrs and memorials? These people set fire to motorway interchanges and metro buses, this is their mindset, this mindset has fueled terrorism. The federal minister said that the people who are brainwashed by Imran Khan should understand that political reactions and protests do not happen like this, Imran Khan burned the country with a handful of people, history will never forgive Imran Khan.

Answering the questions of the journalists, the Federal Minister of Information said that there are laws of the country, the people who are prosecuted under the laws will be dealt with accordingly. Terrorism, anti-nationalism within the country will be punished according to the law. To a question, he said that by sitting the RTS in 2018, Imran Khan's calamity was imposed on the country, the consequences of which the nation is suffering today. He said that Imran Khan's protest was not a political protest, he incited people against the country and set fire to it. The Federal Minister of Information said that the Ministry of Interior is collecting the data of the people involved in the tragedy of May 9, action will be taken against them according to the law.

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