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Chinese scientists have made important discoveries in research on superconductors in cages

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According to Xinhua News Agency Hefei Electric (Reporters He Xiyue, Xu Haitao) Game superconductor is a new type of superconductor that exhibits many strange physical properties. Due to its special geometric structure and non-local electronic correlation, it is considered to be a new type of important value quantum materials. Recently, Professor Wu Tao and others from the team of Academician Chen Xianhui of the University of Science and Technology of China used nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy under high pressure to observe a new type of charge order state induced by pressure in the cage superconductor cesium vanadium antimony. Recently, the international authoritative journal "Nature" published the research results.

Exploring the complex derivative phenomena and their physical mechanisms between superconducting states and competing electronic states is one of the key issues in the current international superconducting research field. In the previous study, the research team of USTC found that under pressure, there is anomalous competition between the superconducting state and the charge density wave state in the cage superconductor, indicating that there may be an undiscovered competing electronic order.

In this work, Wu Tao and others carried out NMR research on the superconductor cesium vanadium antimony under pressure, and the results showed that there is a strong competition between the new charge order state and the superconducting state, which is a new competitive electronic order. In addition, the research team also observed the charge fluctuation phenomenon caused by the electron correlation effect in the kagome superconductor and the possible unconventional superconductivity under pressure.


The above experiments reveal the novel electron correlation effect and rich derivative phenomena in the kagome superconductor, which provides a new opportunity for understanding the complex interaction mechanism between the superconducting state and the competing electronic state, and also provides a new opportunity to explore in the kagome superconductor. Novel superconducting states provide a new direction.

In addition, Wu Tao pointed out that from the perspective of electron-electron correlation interactions, although the cage superconductor has a weak correlation interaction, a competitive electronic order similar to that of a high-temperature superconductor is observed, which indicates that the cage superconductor may It has a new electron-electron correlation effect, but the specific physical mechanism remains to be further explored.


(Editors in charge: Ai Wen, Liu Yeting)

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