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Cainiao Brazil express delivery is the fastest next-day door-to-door during the global double 11 delivery season

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People's Daily Online, Rio de Janeiro, November 23rd (Reporter Bi Mengying) "You don't have to go out, just place an order online and have it delivered to your door." During the global double 11 promotion, Sonia Verhas, who is studying at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil Received her coveted Harry Potter wizard robe. I placed an order two days ago at the online store of the Brazilian trendy brand Piticas, and today it was delivered to my door by the Chinese express company Cainiao.

This year's Double 11, in Brazil, a distant country on the other side of the world, can also enjoy the "Chinese speed" of express logistics.

A few days ago, Cainiao announced for the first time its three-year development plan for Brazil. It is understood that Cainiao will focus on local logistics distribution, customs clearance, distribution centers, smart express cabinets, etc., deepen local network operations, and establish a "national-level" express logistics brand in Brazil covering more than 1,000 cities in 26 states and one federal district. , to provide sufficient logistics guarantee for overseas double 11, black five and other big promotional shipments and stocking up.

Up to now, the Cainiao Express warehouse distribution network has covered the entire territory of Brazil, and local orders are delivered within 2-3 days on average, and core cities such as Sao Paulo can achieve delivery on the next day or even the next day.

"We are optimistic about the huge development potential of Brazil's e-commerce, and we have also opened up cross-border + local diversified logistics solutions between the two countries to serve sellers in China and Brazil." Liu Xinyang, head of export at Cainiao International, told reporters that in the next three years, Cainiao plans to deploy 9 distribution centers in Brazil, covering 7 key states in the southeast and radiating across the country; in addition, it plans to cooperate with Brazil Post to deploy 1,000 sets of smart express cabinets in the Top 10 cities within 3 years, which will serve cross-border parcels, intra-city delivery, Public infrastructure for food delivery errands.

Brazil is one of the largest economies in Latin America, the Latin American country with the largest number of Internet customers, and the third largest Internet market in the world. 80% of its international packages come from China. According to survey data released by the Brazilian National Electronic Commerce Association, compared with 2019, sales of e-commerce platforms in Brazil will increase by 74% in 2021.

The reporter learned that the distribution center of Cainiao in Sao Paulo, Brazil has also been officially put into use recently, which is the most automated distribution center of Cainiao in Latin America. The Cainiao Brazil distribution center is equipped with China's intelligent sorting equipment and adopts the overseas distribution system developed by Cainiao itself. The parcel sorting rate can be increased by more than 40%. With the seamless terminal distribution network, it is favored by local Brazilian brands. welcome.

In addition, Cainiao has also set up automated distribution centers in Mexico and Chile, and the sorting efficiency can be more than doubled. Together with Brazil, Cainiao's Latin American smart logistics network is supported.

"After our investigation, we found that many Brazilian companies are constrained by logistics equipment worth hundreds of millions. Cainiao's compact, flexible and cost-effective logistics automation equipment, combined with the advanced operation experience of China Express, is very popular among local companies in Latin America." Liu Xin Yang told reporters.

Liu Xinyang said that the recent superposition of Double 11, Black Friday and the World Cup has triggered a wave of online shopping in Brazil. The sales of domestic drones, projectors, smart bracelets, World Cup star models, jerseys, etc. have increased by more than 70%, and domestic consumers are also fans of Brazilian propolis and coffee rings.

The reporter learned that Cainiao has conducted multiple rounds of communication with more than 200 local small and medium-sized brands in Brazil. Systematic training in other aspects, so that Chinese consumers can also buy high-quality Brazilian propolis, coffee, nuts and other specialties online.

"Flexible and efficient Chinese e-commerce platforms and express logistics are opportunities worth exploring for Brazilian brands to enter the Chinese market." Zhou Zhiwei, executive director of the Brazilian Research Center of the Latin American Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that at present, China-Brazil trade is mainly Mainly in bulk trade. China's express logistics can open up and connect a large number of end consumers, which is conducive to promoting the upgrading of Brazil's local industries and improving the quality and speed of the economy.

Up to now, Cainiao has 8 chartered flights between China and Brazil every week, allowing Chinese cross-border merchants to deliver parcels to Brazilian consumers within 12 days at the fastest. Cainiao's "US$5, 10-day delivery" logistics product has covered 20 countries around the world, helping more cross-border merchants "send the world with a cup of coffee".

"The bilateral trade between Brazil and China continues to grow, and the relationship between the two countries is getting closer, which will bring benefits to the development of the two countries." Augusto Pestana, chairman of the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), said that Cainiao is promoting bilateral cooperation. important role in the development of e-commerce. By cooperating with Cainiao Logistics, more Brazilian brands can better grasp new consumption opportunities in the Chinese market.

"Cainiao's digital logistics technology and efficient delivery service have greatly shocked us. Our consumers can deliver goods to their door within a few days of online shopping, and Cainiao's smart express cabinets provide consumers with more options for receiving goods. Next, we will also Cooperate with Cainiao on the import from China to Brazil to further improve the efficiency of the supply chain.” said Vinicius Rossetti, CEO of Piticas, the largest authorized franchise store for movies, drama series, animation, and game IP peripherals in Latin America.

(Editors in charge: Yan Meng, Chang Hong)

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