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Jointly promote the construction of Thailand's flagship expressway

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People's Daily Online, Bangkok, November 24 (Reporter Liu Hui) The PPP project of the M6 & M81 intercity expressway toll station in Thailand is one of the flagship projects in the infrastructure investment strategic action plan of the Ministry of Transport of Thailand and the PPP fast track plan of the Ministry of Finance. In November 2021, China Railway Second Bureau signed a contract with Thailand's STECON Company to participate in the construction of the civil EPC project of the project, and entered the Thai market with more than 70 years of road construction experience accumulated through wind and rain.

"Chinese standard is trustworthy"

Thailand is born by the sea, and the capital Bangkok is almost all alluvial sandy land, sinking at a rate of about 10cm every year. For a long time, structures are mainly supported by pile foundations. Piling has become the main process for soft foundation treatment to ensure that structures do not settle.

"Soft foundation treatment is often divided into two types, one is piling, and the other is over-excavation and replacement. In China, we have already accumulated richer construction techniques and methods to deal with various complex geology, over-excavation and replacement The degree of standardized construction is very high. Under the EPC cooperation model, we are obliged to further promote Chinese standards that are safe, secure, controllable in quality, and lower in cost.” said Li Qiang, the Chinese project manager.

In the M81-Bang Yai sand embankment test section, the project department is steadily performing the over-excavation and replacement of Chinese standards. "Three sections, four stages, and eight processes" ensure the effective improvement of construction efficiency. The rolling method of "flat and back rolling" avoids the common road roller walking with the grader without thinking. In terms of piling construction, the test section also provides Chinese-style improved technology: the effect of soil squeezing is large, and control indicators such as sequence, speed, and verticality are strictly adhered to, avoiding the common premature pressure stop and strong resistance when re-pressing. The problem of pile sinking has ensured that all prefabricated concrete piles on soft foundations are qualified at one time.

"Chinese standards are trustworthy!" Baser, vice president of STECON, praised, fully affirming the initiative of Chinese companies. The promotion of Chinese standards will also help reduce project costs and increase efficiency, and promote win-win cooperation between Chinese and Thai enterprises.

"Made in China is welcomed"

"Compressive strength" is the authoritative data for judging whether the project quality is qualified or not in the field of expressway testing and testing. Since there are many ways to express the compressive test mold and compressive strength currently used in Thailand, it is easy to cause confusion. In order to facilitate the unification of test data, China Railway Second Bureau promoted the penetration of Chinese standards at the beginning of its participation in the construction, namely: unification The cubic compression test mold of 150×150×150mm and the pressure unit MPa are used as the concrete strength expression method for this project.

Kunchali, a Thai employee employed by the project laboratory, had worked in the laboratory of the Thai Highway Bureau for a long time. At the beginning of his employment, he strongly advocated the application of the disk-reading pressure testing machine in the compression test according to the Thai tradition. Xie Chengchang, the director of the Chinese laboratory, made an on-the-spot investigation and learned from many sources. He felt that this kind of press has disadvantages such as laborious operation, low precision, and inability to save data. "Try to make it in China!" Xie Chengchang brought Kun Charlie to the YE-2000C pressure testing machine commonly used in domestic expressway compressive strength tests.

During the 28-day compressive strength test of the concrete mix ratio, Xie Chengchang put one of the concrete test blocks on the YE-2000C press anti-compression pedestal. The process was completed within 2 minutes, and the anti-stress data was printed out immediately. And the disc-reading press can take up to 8 minutes to complete. High precision, easy operation, ability to save and quickly print test data… The advantages of the pressure testing machine made in China are quickly presented, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

Kunchari, who was watching from the sidelines, unfurled his frown and smiled. "During my work in the Thai Highway Bureau, I have been using traditional test equipment and methods, and I have never felt that there is anything wrong. I did not expect that the machine recommended by my Chinese partner has greatly improved my test and test level." Cha Kunli, who was deeply touched, took the initiative to act as a promoter of Chinese manufacturing. Facing other Thai employees who were conflicted, he explained in detail and took the lead in launching multiple rounds of experiential teaching.

During the construction process, a large number of Chinese-made digital display soil liquid-plastic limit combined testers and electric compaction instruments entered the field of vision of Thai cooperative enterprises and Thai employees. "As long as it is conducive to the effective advancement of project construction, everyone is willing to try. Made in China is welcomed." Kunchari said.

"I am very grateful to the Chinese master for teaching me the technology"

Using BIM technology to participate in the design and discussion of the layout of the floor plan, and vividly showing the design details of the main camp to the supervisor through the model animation demonstration… "I am very excited to use BIM technology to assist the actual construction for the first time!" said Kun Nong.

Kun Nong graduated from the well-known Mahasarakham University in Thailand with a major in civil engineering. He joined the road construction team of the China Railway Second Bureau in 2022. During college, he was keen to study engineering modeling software, but never had the opportunity to practice it. Fortunately, he met Zhang Zhiqiang, the runner-up of the BIM skills competition of China Railway Second Bureau and project business manager.

In order to help Kunnon transform theory into practice faster, Zhang Zhiqiang tailored a set of "1+17" BIM forward design plans for him, based on the existing project camp BIM participation in the forward design of drawings, led The apprentice repeated the real scene experience, rectified the renderings, and then analyzed the earthwork drawings of 17 toll stations one by one. Using the BIM forward design as a strong support, he guided the Thai supervisor to speed up the approval of the drawings, and gradually learned how to bring informatization and digitization into the construction and production process. every session.

"I am very grateful to the Chinese master for teaching me the technology!" Kun Nong also took the initiative to teach and train Thai engineers who are interested in BIM in the project every day after work. "I am really looking forward to the day when the toll booth will be opened. I will be able to form a systematic teaching manual on the application of BIM technology in the project, guide more Thai students, and fully integrate Thailand's construction market with modern information technology."

Since the signing of the contract in November 2021, China Railway Second Bureau has successively completed survey tasks, design tasks, and compiled and approved civil construction organization plans in accordance with the contract, laying a solid foundation for the orderly promotion of civil construction. The two main camps M6 and M81 have been completed and delivered in March 2022 ahead of schedule, and all 17 stations have opened their working faces. The cooperation between China and Thailand has shortened the distance between Chinese and Thai enterprises and Chinese and Thai employees, and jointly promoted the construction of Thailand's flagship expressway.

(Editors in charge: Liu Jieyan, Yang Mu)

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