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Create new glories in Asia-Pacific cooperation

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On the afternoon of November 17, local time, President Xi Jinping was invited to deliver a written speech entitled "Stick to the Original Heart, Promote Development and Open a New Chapter of Asia-Pacific Cooperation" at the APEC Business Leaders Summit held in Bangkok. On the morning of November 18, local time, President Xi Jinping attended the 29th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and delivered an important speech entitled "Unity, Cooperation and Courage to Take Responsibility to Build an Asia-Pacific Community with a Shared Future". International people interviewed by our reporter said that President Xi Jinping’s written speeches and important speeches conveyed his firm belief in unity and cooperation to promote common development. Under the new situation, China will join hands with all parties to build an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future and create new glories in Asia-Pacific cooperation. .

"Pointing out the direction for the Asia-Pacific region to continue to move forward steadily"

At present, the COVID-19 epidemic has repeatedly delayed, and the recovery of the world economy is facing various challenges. Unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise. Global industrial and supply chains are being impacted. Issues such as inflation, food, and energy security are complex and severe. President Xi Jinping pointed out that the Asia-Pacific is where we live and work, and it is also the source of global economic growth. Over the past few decades, Asia-Pacific regional economic cooperation has developed vigorously, creating the "Asia-Pacific Miracle" that has attracted worldwide attention. Asia-Pacific cooperation has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now, the world is once again standing at a historical crossroads, and the Asia-Pacific is playing a more important role and playing a more prominent role.

Youwodi Kagangai, deputy director of the Klang Bangya Institute for National Strategy, a think tank in Thailand, said that the future path of Asia-Pacific cooperation is related to regional development, the well-being of the people, and the future of the world. "President Xi Jinping answered the questions of the times and pointed out that we should carry forward the spirit of a big family, help each other in times of trouble, and help each other, and continue to move towards building an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future, and point out the direction for the Asia-Pacific region to continue to move forward steadily."

Rebecca Maria, Executive Director of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat, said that Asia-Pacific economies are facing many common challenges due to factors such as the raging new crown pneumonia epidemic, global economic recession, and geopolitical conflicts. "President Xi Jinping has provided a good recipe for the Asia-Pacific region to effectively respond to challenges. We need to deepen cooperation within the APEC framework, advance the process of the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area, implement Putrajaya's vision, fully and deeply participate in the WTO reform, and build an open Asia-Pacific economy. "

"It is precisely because the Asia-Pacific region, especially the small and medium-sized economies, has stepped on the fast track to modernization because it has escaped from the shadow of the Cold War, the 'Asia-Pacific Miracle' came into being." · Torres Valdez resonates strongly. "Without peace and stability, there will be no economic development and social progress. The Asia-Pacific region suffered from conflicts and wars in the past, and its economy and society were seriously backward. Now, the Asia-Pacific region can become an important engine of the global economy because of the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. environment," Valdez said.

"A peaceful and stable environment is like air. You can't feel its importance when you are in it. Once you lose it, you can't survive." Masako Koike, a former member of the Japanese House of Representatives and a visiting researcher at the Center for Japanese Studies at Tsinghua University, said that a peaceful and stable environment It is an important guarantee to promote international trade. Countries should build more communication bridges and deepen understanding and cooperation between countries.

Jeong Jae-heung, a research member of the Sejong Research Institute in South Korea, said that the current world situation is complicated, and the view that "the Asia-Pacific region is not anyone's backyard and should not be an arena for major powers" has practical significance and is worthy of deep consideration by all parties. China practices multilateralism and advocates that all parties join hands for common development. This is in line with the trend of the times and in the interests of the people of all economies. "China's development experience provides reference for economies in the Asia-Pacific region, and China's continuous expansion of opening up will bring more development opportunities to the Asia-Pacific region."

"Joining hands to build an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future is of great significance"

Under the new situation, we must work together to build an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future and create new glories in Asia-Pacific cooperation. President Xi Jinping put forward four proposals: maintain international fairness and justice, and build a peaceful and stable Asia-Pacific; adhere to openness and inclusiveness, and build an Asia-Pacific of common prosperity; adhere to green and low-carbon development, and build a clean and beautiful Asia-Pacific; insist on a shared destiny, and build an Asia-Pacific that supports each other.

"Jointly building an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future is of great significance." Former Thai Prime Minister Chavalit said that we belong to the Asia-Pacific and are closely related to each other and our destiny is linked. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of a community of shared future, strengthen policy coordination and docking, and form a joint force.

Hugo Lopez Ochoa, a researcher at the Schiller Institute, highly agrees with the concept of an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future. He said: "There is a saying in China that family loves family, and neighbors love neighbors. The Asia-Pacific economies are highly interdependent. There is me in you, and you in me. Only by living in harmony and win-win cooperation can prosperity last and security Only then is it guaranteed.”

Australian political commentator Daryl Guppy said that President Xi Jinping advocated a higher level of openness, which is not only a summary of China's successful experience in economic construction, but also points out the direction for the development of the world economy. China has become a major trading partner of more than 140 countries and regions. The total volume of trade in goods ranks first in the world, and it ranks among the top in the world in attracting foreign capital and outbound investment. At present, anti-globalization trends are surging, and unilateralism and protectionism have risen significantly. All countries in the world need to strengthen connectivity and open cooperation.

"China is promoting the building of an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future with practical actions." Rafanama, the former governor of Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands Province, said, for example, that China provides economic and technical assistance and preferential loans to Papua New Guinea to help Papua New Guinea build roads, airports, power grids, etc. Important infrastructure, but never with any political strings attached. "As a typical example of teaching a man how to fish, over the past 20 years, the Juncao and upland rice assistance projects have benefited nearly 50,000 people in Eastern Highlands alone."

"We will surely bring new opportunities to the world with our own new development"

"China is willing to coexist peacefully and develop together with all countries on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. China will adhere to the implementation of wider, wider and deeper opening to the outside world, adhere to the Chinese-style modernization path, and build a higher level of openness. We will continue to share the opportunities of China's development with the world, especially the Asia-Pacific." President Xi Jinping's sonorous and powerful words let the world see once again China's determination and confidence in its willingness to develop with all parties.

Asonsi, advisor to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of Thailand and associate professor of the Faculty of Economics of Thammasat University, said that China is the largest consumer market and economic power in the Asia-Pacific region. China adheres to true multilateralism and has effectively maintained regional peace and stability. China's steady development is a booster for regional trade and investment growth.

"The steady development of China's economy and its adherence to a high level of opening up have given us confidence in expanding investment in China," said Raymond Gala, director of Chile's Antofagasta Mining Company.

Juan Esteban Musalem, chairman of Chile-China Chamber of Commerce, said that China has won the battle against poverty as scheduled and built a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, which is a major contribution to the cause of human development. "In the process of promoting common prosperity, China will certainly be able to bring new opportunities to the world with its own new development."

Anindia Bakri, Indonesian representative of the APEC Business Advisory Council, said that China is a major trading partner of the Asia-Pacific economies, and China benefits the Asia-Pacific and the world through its own development. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China drew a blueprint for China's future development. Chinese-style modernization has expanded the path for developing countries to modernize, and provided a new choice and reference for those countries and nations that want to achieve development while maintaining independence.

Guillermo Ferreiros, CEO of Savia Energy in Peru, said that China adheres to green development and has made remarkable achievements in environmental governance. The "dual carbon" goal set by China is a solemn commitment to the international community. "Only by following the path of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and jointly building a community of life between man and nature, can we lay a good foundation for the sustainable development of our future generations."

(Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, Canberra, November 18, by reporters Wen Hongyan, Zhang Niansheng, Ren Yan, Chen Yiming, Sun Guangyong, Liu Ge, Zhang Zhiwen, Zhao Yipu, Xie Jianing, Bi Mengying, Li Xiang, Yue Linwei, Ma Fei, Chen Xiaowei)

"People's Daily" (Version 01, November 19, 2022)

(Editors in charge: Bai Yu, Yang Guangyu)

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