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Inheriting Chinese Martial Arts in Hungary

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In the Chanwu Culture Center in the 10th district of Budapest, Hungary, Chinese teenagers Kangle and Jiale are practicing cudgel. The two brothers advanced and retreated within a few feet of each other, using stick techniques such as hitting, picking, chopping, teasing, poking, and sweeping in conjunction with footwork. This is the training scene of the trainees recorded in the WeChat video account of the Hungarian Chanwu Cultural Center.

Chanwu Cultural Center is a well-known local martial arts center. Since its establishment 20 years ago, nearly 100,000 people have learned Shaolin Kungfu, modern competitive martial arts, Tai Chi, Sanda, etc. here. Zhang Zhongwu, vice president of the Hungarian Chanwu Federation and head coach of the Chanwu Cultural Center, has been committed to inheriting and disseminating Chanwu culture in Hungary.

Zhang Zhongwu has practiced martial arts since he was a child. At the age of 13, he became a teacher of Shi Xinghong, the 32nd generation disciple of Shaolin Temple in Songshan. After years of hard training, he has developed a solid martial arts foundation. In 2003, Shi Xinghong initiated the establishment of the "Chanwu International Alliance" in Hungary. In 2006, Zhang Zhongwu followed his master to Italy and served as the head coach of the Italian Chanwu League. Since 2012, he has been teaching in Hungary.


Xiaohong Boxing, Baji Boxing, Shaolin Stick, Mantis Boxing… There are Kung Fu fans in the Hungarian Chanwu Cultural Center every day to discuss and train. Zhang Zhongwu carefully guided, demonstrated the movements over and over again, and corrected the details again and again. The students affectionately called him "Master Zhang".

"The students are both Chinese and locals. The youngest is 5 years old and the oldest is 70 years old." Zhang Zhongwu said, we also have more than 20 associations and more than 60 martial arts schools distributed all over Hungary.

Over the years, Zhang Zhongwu has trained more than 100 Shaolin Kung Fu coaches and more than 20 competitive martial arts coaches, many of whom are "foreign faces". "In the early years, most Hungarians learned Kungfu out of curiosity. Nowadays, more and more locals are learning Kungfu, and their knowledge of Kungfu is also deepening. They realize that Kungfu can not only protect themselves, but also improve their health. Germany." Zhang Zhongwu said.


Zhang Zhongwu also found that many Hungarians have a special liking for Taijiquan. Local people can often be seen practicing Taijiquan in square parks. Local politicians and celebrities are also keen on this traditional Chinese boxing art that combines strength and softness. At present, the Chanwu Cultural Center offers two Tai Chi classes a week, and has already responded to the needs of students and plans to add another class.

Many Hungarian people started to learn Chinese Kung Fu and gradually fell in love with Chinese culture. The Chan Wu Cultural Center not only teaches various schools of Chinese Kung Fu, but also integrates Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy, dragon and lion dance into daily training, and regularly holds Chan Wu Day activities, inviting Kung Fu fans to come together for exchange and learning.

"Be polite" "Acceptance"… In the classroom, before starting the duel practice, the students would say honorific words and make fist salutes. Practice martial arts first, learn morality, the first lesson Zhang Zhongwu taught his disciples was etiquette and martial arts.


"A martial arts practitioner should be good at martial arts and know etiquette. The essence of traditional martial arts is not only to master boxing routines, but also to improve inner moral cultivation." Zhang Zhongwu said that there are many Chinese youths among the students, and practicing martial arts can help them learn etiquette in dealing with others and temper themselves. The spirit of not being afraid to endure hardships and persevering, cultivate the character of respecting teachers, being tough and brave.

Every July, the Chanwu Cultural Center will hold a summer camp, and Chinese teenagers from all over Europe will come to participate. "Wake up at 6 o'clock for jogging, learn moves and body skills in the morning, strength training in the afternoon, and recite "The Analects of Confucius" in the evening… The summer camp allows children to fully accept the influence of Chinese culture and martial arts." Zhang Zhongwu said.

Talking about the future planning of Chanwu Cultural Center, Zhang Zhongwu said: "We plan to organize more cultural activities and international competitions. The 5th Chanwu International Traditional Kung Fu and Modern Competitive Wushu Competition is also under preparation. Do some practical things overseas."


(according to China News Service)

(Editors in charge: Ai Wen, Liu Yeting)


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