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Join hands to build an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future and create new glories in Asia-Pacific cooperation——President Xi Jinping's series of important speeches at the APEC meeting aroused enthusiastic responses from the international community

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 18. Topic: Join hands to build an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future and create new glories in Asia-Pacific cooperation——President Xi Jinping's series of important speeches at the APEC meeting sparked enthusiastic responses from the international community

Xinhua News Agency reporter

On the morning of November 18 local time, the 29th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting was held at the National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. President Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech titled "Unity, Cooperation and Responsibility to Build an Asia-Pacific Community of Shared Future".

On the afternoon of November 17 local time, President Xi Jinping was invited to deliver a written speech titled "Stick to the original intention and jointly promote development to open a new chapter in Asia-Pacific cooperation" at the APEC Business Leaders Summit held in Bangkok, emphasizing that China will unswervingly promote the construction of the Asia-Pacific destiny community and make more contributions to the stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific.

The series of important speeches delivered by President Xi Jinping have aroused enthusiastic responses from the international community. People from many countries believe that President Xi Jinping comprehensively summed up the experience and inspiration of the "Asia-Pacific Miracle", put forward important propositions on jointly building an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future, profoundly explained the opportunities and contributions of Chinese-style modernization, and injected strong impetus into creating new glories in Asia-Pacific cooperation.

"Asia-Pacific Miracle" Demonstrates Precious Experience

When President Xi Jinping summed up the historical experience of Asia-Pacific cooperation, he pointed out that the "Asia-Pacific miracle" was created by all of us working together and overcoming obstacles. The rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific in the past few decades has benefited from a peaceful and stable environment. History has repeatedly proved that openness, inclusiveness, and win-win cooperation are the right path in the world.

Herman Laurel, founder of the BRICS Policy Research Association in the Philippines, believes that President Xi Jinping has refined the connotations of "the road of peaceful development", "the road of openness and inclusiveness" and "the road of solidarity" for the development of the Asia-Pacific region. It is very profound, and it is also a policy practiced by the Chinese government. He said that these important experiences are a solid foundation for promoting dialogue and cooperation among all parties, helping each other and facing challenges head on.

"It is precisely because of a peaceful and stable environment that the Asia-Pacific region can achieve world-renowned development achievements." Kwon Ki-sik, president of the South Korea-China Urban Friendship Association, said that in the current world economic uncertainty is increasing and the global industrial and supply chains are being impacted. In the context of the globalization, the pursuit of peaceful development and joint defense of regional stability are prerequisites for further promoting the prosperity and development of the Asia-Pacific, which is of great practical significance.

Chen Gang, Assistant Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, expressed deep agreement with the road and experience of cooperation and development in the Asia-Pacific region summarized by President Xi Jinping. He said that in the past few decades, the Asia-Pacific economy has developed rapidly and has a high degree of economic integration. The "Asia-Pacific miracle" stems from peaceful development and the absence of large-scale wars and conflicts; from openness and tolerance, mutual respect between countries with different social systems and cultures; go ahead.

According to Lu Chengquan, president of the Malaysian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, the "Asia-Pacific Miracle" is the result of the efforts of economies in the Asia-Pacific region to promote regional cooperation and economic integration, and it is also the best example of achieving sustainable development and sharing economic prosperity.

"The Asia-Pacific region is not anyone's backyard and should not become a arena for major powers. The people will not agree to any attempt to engage in a 'new cold war', and the times will not allow it!" Anna Ma, deputy director of the "Asian Century" Strategic Research Institute in the Philippines Limberger-Uy very much agrees with President Xi Jinping's statement. She said that some countries regard the Asia-Pacific region as their "back garden", and what they do seriously threatens regional peace and stability and harms the common interests of the region.

Fernando Reyes Mata, former Chilean ambassador to China and director of the Latin American Center for Chinese Studies at Andrés Bello University, said that there should be no "new Cold War" in the Asia-Pacific region, and countries should live in peace. He pointed out: "The Asia-Pacific region has suffered from conflicts and wars. Because of this, President Xi Jinping's 'road to peaceful development' is even more important." China emphasizes maintaining a peaceful and stable environment and continuously deepening mutual trust, tolerance, cooperation, A win-win Asia-Pacific partnership will not only further promote the prosperity and development of the Asia-Pacific region, but also meet the expectations of people in other parts of the world.

Gu Qingyang, an associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, took the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" mentioned by President Xi Jinping as an example and said that the entry into force of this agreement is a model of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. The Asia-Pacific region is the region with the most dynamic economic development in the world, thanks to the active regional cooperation based on multilateralism.

"The stable development of the Asia-Pacific region is very important to the stability of the global economy." Gu Qingyang said that the Asia-Pacific region adheres to the concept of openness, inclusiveness, mutual benefit and common prosperity, which will not only further promote the development of the region, but also add impetus to global development.

A shared destiny creates a better future for the Asia-Pacific

For the future development and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific, President Xi Jinping put forward an important proposition: we must join hands to build a community with a shared future in the Asia-Pacific and create new glories in Asia-Pacific cooperation. People from many countries believe that "maintain international fairness and justice, and build a peaceful and stable Asia-Pacific", "adhere to openness and inclusiveness, and build an Asia-Pacific of common prosperity," "adhere to green and low-carbon development, and build a clean and beautiful Asia-Pacific," "adhere to a shared destiny, and build an Asia-Pacific that supports each other." It pointed out the direction and path for the future development of the Asia-Pacific region.

Anna Marienburg-Uy believes that the proposals put forward by President Xi not only respond to various geopolitical and economic challenges faced by the Asia-Pacific region in a very timely manner, but also clearly and forcefully demonstrate that China sincerely cooperates with the Asia-Pacific economies and shares development. Opportunity will and determination.

"Peace is the primary factor for the development and prosperity of economies in the Asia-Pacific region. President Xi Jinping's exposition just emphasizes this point, and also clarifies the importance of strengthening cooperation and maintaining multilateralism in the Asia-Pacific region." Anna Marienburg- Uy said.

"Openness brings progress, and closure will inevitably lead to backwardness. Blocking or even dismantling the long-term industrial and supply chains in the Asia-Pacific region will only lead to a 'dead end' for Asia-Pacific economic cooperation." Malaysia's national news that has participated in many APEC meetings and reports The former chairman of the club, Azman Wujiang, was deeply touched by this.

In his view, some Western political forces and media have deliberately played up and hyped the so-called "decoupling theory", and China's proposition is a powerful counterattack to this clamor. At the same time, the Chinese plan of "building a stable and smooth industrial and supply chain" is "like a reassurance", and it is believed that China will continue to promote the opening up and cooperation of the Asia-Pacific region and make important contributions to global development.

Counting China's increasing investment in Vietnam in recent years, Gu Chaoqing, President of the China Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, highly appreciates China's propositions such as "building a common prosperity in the Asia-Pacific" and "realizing a higher level of interconnection". "The Jilin-Hedong light rail line undertaken by China Railway Sixth Bureau has become a new landmark in the capital Hanoi; the wind power project constructed by China Energy Construction in Gia Lai Province is also actively promoting the transformation of Vietnam's energy structure, economic and social development, and effectively improving local people's livelihood and well-being. …In the context of the global spread of the new crown epidemic, the bilateral trade volume between Vietnam and China has risen against the trend, demonstrating the traditional friendship of "comrades and brothers" between the two countries."

Ignacio Martinez, a researcher at the International Relations Center of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, has been following China's green economic development. He believes that President Xi Jinping's propositions of "promoting the transformation and upgrading of energy resources, industrial structure, and consumption structure, and promoting green economic and social development" will encourage more countries and regions to seize the key opportunity of environmental governance and the development of a low-carbon economy, and gradually Achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and gain new impetus for recovery and development under the epidemic.

Speaking of the Asia-Pacific Community of Shared Future discussed by President Xi Jinping, Tang Zhimin, director of the China-ASEAN Research Center of the Chia Tai School of Management in Thailand, said that an Asia-Pacific that is universally safe, common-prosperous, open, inclusive, clean and beautiful is exciting. "True multilateralism cannot be bounded by ideology, political system or development path. What countries need is to put aside prejudices, learn from each other on an equal footing, and learn from each other's strengths." Tang Zhimin emphasized, "In this regard, China and ASEAN And the way of getting along within the ten ASEAN countries is a model."

Chinese-style modernization brings opportunities and enlightenment to the Asia-Pacific and the world

President Xi Jinping elaborated on the world significance of Chinese-style modernization in his written speech on the 17th, and emphasized in his important speech on the 18th: "China will insist on opening up to the outside world on a wider scale, in a wider field, and at a deeper level, and adhere to the Chinese We will continue to share the opportunities of China's development with the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region."

"Chinese-style modernization is an opportunity for the Asia-Pacific and global economies," said David Olsen, chairman of the Australia China Business Council. Opportunities for ability to acquire."

Fernando Fazzolari, President of the Argentine Engineering and Technical Support Company, believes that the Chinese-style modernization explained by President Xi Jinping is an inspiration for many developing countries to explore their own modernization path. "Chinese-style modernization emphasizes the common prosperity of all people, the coordination of material civilization and spiritual civilization, and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. It will provide new ideas for eradicating poverty worldwide, and promote the realization of higher-quality and more balanced global development."

Thai entrepreneur Wang Hongzhou was deeply impressed by President Xi Jinping's statement that China "will adhere to the people-centered approach, continue to improve people's living standards, make the middle-income group exceed 800 million in the next 15 years, and promote the continuous development of the ultra-large-scale market". This vision It also further strengthened his determination to deeply cultivate the Chinese market.

He believes that Chinese-style modernization is a modernization with a huge population, which is an important guarantee for attracting foreign investment and economic growth, and the consumer demand released thereby will greatly promote the sustainable development of the world economy.

According to Lin Boming, president of the Brunei Chinese Entrepreneur Association, China's "continuing to promote the common prosperity of all people" has enlightening significance for the Asia-Pacific region, which has unbalanced development and faces multiple challenges. Through international cooperation, China has provided talents and technologies for poverty reduction in many developing countries. It can be seen from the achievements in the field of poverty reduction cooperation that the Chinese-style modernization path is also of great significance to the modernization development of the entire world.

"When high-rise buildings are everywhere in China, the edifice of the spirit of the Chinese nation should also stand majestically." "Transcend the barriers of civilizations with the exchange of civilizations, surpass the conflicts of civilizations with mutual learning among civilizations, and surpass the superiority of civilizations with the coexistence of civilizations." President Xi Jinping on civilization The statement resonated strongly with Fernando Reyes Mata. He pointed out that there are different cultures and civilizations in the Asia-Pacific region, and they all shoulder the mission of promoting human progress. The "Pacific Ocean" should be a peaceful ocean, and civilizations should "coexist" and "integrate".

Kiyoyuki Seguchi, research director of the Canon Institute for Global Strategies in Japan, believes that the proposition that "Chinese-style modernization must take a new path of harmonious coexistence between man and nature" is of great significance to sustainable development. He pointed out that maintaining cooperation among economies at different stages of development in the Asia-Pacific region is crucial to realizing regional green cooperation, and he expected all economies to strengthen cooperation to jointly promote regional green development.

President Xi Jinping pointed out that China seeks its own development while resolutely safeguarding world peace and development, and uses its own development to better safeguard world peace and development. In this regard, Constanza Jorquela, a scholar at the University of Santiago in Chile, said that China is not seeking hegemony or exploiting other countries, but is realizing its own modernization and using these experiences to help other developing countries achieve modernization.

An Yuhua, a professor of finance at the Chinese University College of Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, said that Chinese-style modernization is not only industrial modernization, but also committed to the pursuit of green, environmental protection, and sustainable development, and pays attention to peaceful coexistence and mutual respect with other countries. It is of great significance to promote the development of the world economy in the direction of inclusiveness and win-win.

Herman Laurel said: "Many countries in the world share similar development concepts with China, have similar development interests, and complement each other's development advantages. Chinese-style modernization enlightens us that we must abandon the Cold War mentality, strengthen solidarity and cooperation, and work together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. road."

"The curtain of the Asia-Pacific community with a shared future is officially opened!" Eiichi Shinto, president of the Japan Society for the International Asian Community, spoke highly of President Xi Jinping's speech, believing that China will play an important role in promoting economic growth and political stability in the Asia-Pacific region as the "main driving force". .

(Editors in charge: Bai Yu, Yang Guangyu)

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