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27 Photos I Found This Month That…Uhhh…I Definitely Feel Like I Wasn’t Supposed To See

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April 02, 2024

1.This driver who, honestly, probably would’ve made me crash right into their car:

Image of a car's rear with a reflection of a person's face on the trunk, resembling a villainous grin

2.This 1900s dental model that really could’ve used some googly eyes or something to make it a little less…horrifying:

Metal sculpture of humanoid head with mechanical jaw, displayed among artifacts

3.These mannequins in Japan that are doing way too much for my comfort:

Four mannequins with exaggerated smiling faces wearing casual shirts and T-shirts, posing playfully in a store

4.The sweet little “welcome home” message this person found written on their house after returning from vacation:

Condensation on a window with "I love Dad" written by finger

5.These sinister potatoes that are a few days away from taking over the whole house, it seems:

Spilled purple paint creating a mess over kitchen items and floor

6.The demonic red glow in the hallway outside this person’s apartment every night that would have me SPRINTING to and from my door, just in case:

Dimly lit hallway with red lighting and an exit sign at the end

7.This children’s book cover that definitely would’ve given me nightmares as a kid:

Cover of "Jurassic Line" book by Simon Hall featuring illustrations of dinosaurs and trains with a foreword by David Maidment

8.This stunning photo of the stars reflecting on a swamp at nigh— oh, just kidding, it’s actually just a bunch of gators:

A group of hippos in a river at dusk, their eyes and ears visible above the water surface

9.This sneaky cat who may or may not be watching you as you read this 👀:

A cat peeks out from behind a slightly open door

10.This vending machine inside a grocery store that?? sells??? ammunition???? Because ‘MERICA, I guess!

Vending machine with "American Rounds" branding, instructions to tap, verify ID, and purchase, and a draped flag design. Coming soon

11.This ominous sign that, uh, certainly makes me have a couple of questions about who the hell is on the other end of this phone:

A red phone next to a sign that reads "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK"

12.Just everything about this, which has now given me a fear of escalators on top of my pre-existing fear of elevators:

shoe stuck in the groove of an escalator

Guess I’ll be taking the stairs!

u/Youriclinton / Reddit / Via reddit.com

Sorry to interrupt. We want you to know about this hand-picked deal from our Shopping Team before it ends:

Hair styling tool against a neutral backdrop with text "Ceci n'est pas une ad" which translates to "This is not an ad."

13.This green gummy bear version on the human centipede:

Hand holding a string of green gummy bears with an open candy bag in the background

14.This “666” doorway to nowhere that’s gotta be some kind of portal to hell, right?

Door with the number 666 atop a staircase, surrounded by trees. No people in image

15.This university that has a feminine product INCINERATOR in its bathroom stalls:

Sanitary napkin disposal unit on a tiled wall with operational instructions

16.This horrifying mannequin that’s part of this restaurant’s Christmas display, because nothing screams “holly jolly” quite like a waiter that’ll rip your face off:

Person in chef costume with open mouth expression standing behind a festive candy display

17.This landlord who decided to conduct their own weird little social experiment and share its findings with their tenants:

The image is a humorous printed notice from a landlord about tracking which tenant eats more berries using an AI camera, with individual berry counts

18.This very talented person who tried to boil some eggs and accidentally created this goo-like spider web concoction:

A used black saucepan with residues is placed on a stovetop burner

19.This pizza box logo that looks like a normal hand heart at first glance, but it’s actually made up of two strangely shaped and weirdly buff dogs:

Two hands forming a heart shape drawn on cardboard

20.This flooded tunnel that is definitely the secret lair of some kind of water-based super villain:

Concrete underground space with water on floor and multiple archways

21.This, uh, half of a mannequin that looks more than a little embarrassed to have been tossed outside in its birthday suit:

Mannequin legs discarded on a city sidewalk, positioned upright against the curb

22.This person’s, uh, unique car security system:

Reflective mask on car's dashboard gives illusion of face peeking out from behind windshield

23.This person who found the ghost of a leaf:

Hand holding a decayed leaf with only the skeleton of veins remaining

24.This piece of wood that I’m pretty sure is actually a fossilized giant’s head:

A piece of wood resembling a face with mouth and eyes against a concrete background

25.This stairway that goes straight up for 13 full stories, so you better hope you don’t trip!

Staircase with handrails leading up to a bright exit door

26.Absolutely everything about this white spider that, according to OP, is infected by a parasitic fungus:

Spider hanging upside down from web under wooden beams

27.And finally, this medical mannequin that is giving zombified Willem Dafoe:

Medical training mannequin lying in a hospital bed wearing a blue gown

If you enjoyed this post, you’re in luck! I collect and share these creepy photos every single month, and you can find all my previous roundups here.

H/T: r/confusing_perspective, r/oddlyterrifying, r/Weird, r/mildlyinteresting, and r/GlitchInTheMatrix.

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