29 Low-Effort Products For Anyone Who’s Just Real Tired

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A Dozen Cousins is a small biz aiming to create healthy, plant-based options that are actually convenient and authentic. The Black-owned brand is based in San Francisco and is named after the founder Ibraheem Basir’s daughter, her 11 cousins, and all the family dinners they’ve shared.

My colleague Katy Herman is a big fan of these beans:

“This pack is from Black-owned, San Francisco-based bean brand A Dozen Cousins and comes with black beans, pinto beans, chickpea curry, red beans, refried black beans, and refried pinto beans. They’re all vegan and made with avocado oil. I personally swear by their black beans, which I have just recently become completely obsessed with. They’re so flavorful and perfectly seasoned and shockingly easy. Plus, one bag has about two small servings for one person, so I have leftovers the next day. I’ve been enjoying them with quesadillas and nachos, in homemade burrito bowls, and over microwave seasoned rice.”

Get a variety six-pack from Amazon for $24.99.


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