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32 Thanksgiving Stories That Are Simply Unforgettable

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“My mother and grandmother had restaurant reservations for Thanksgiving last year, but very last-minute, my sister somehow convinced them to go somewhere else. Of course, this means no reservations, but my sister is convinced that ‘it’ll be fine,’ and they might just have to ‘wait a few minutes’ for a table. Mind you — I live in another state, so I get to experience what I’m about to tell from a distance…”

“They end up sitting at the bar while waiting for a table, and have a few drinks and apps. After the second round of martinis, my mother looks over and my grandmother is leaning back in her chair, completely limp and unresponsive.

Everyone freaks out, paramedics are called, and grandma is rushed to the ER. I’m 1,200 miles away when my mother calls to tell me what happened. At this point, grandma is at the ER, still unresponsive, with crazy-low blood pressure and a very high heart rate. I’m ready to book plane tickets and rush to the airport when mom calls back and says ‘don’t worry, everything’s OK! Your grandmother just got drunk.’

Her blood test came back completely normal, except for a BAC of 0.24 — three times the legal limit. My grandma is 90 years old, about 4’8″, and 100 pounds. She hadn’t eaten anything all day because she knew they were having a big dinner. She also ordered another martini while no one was looking, so the second martini was actually her third.”


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