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Al Qaeda subcontinent 4 terrorists arrested in Karachi

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KARACHI: Four terrorists of the Al Qaeda Subcontinent were arrested in an operation conducted by law enforcement agencies.

According to Media Reports, four suspected al-Qaeda terrorists have been arrested from the Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of Karachi.

The suspects were detained in a joint operation by the Special Investigation Unit and federal intelligence agency SIU SSP Irfan Bahadur said, adding that the weapons were also recovered from the possession of the suspects, which were kept for terrorist activities in Karachi.

The SIU has revealed that the terrorists were preparing for attacks in Karachi, terrorists were spying on the areas where they were planning to attack. The terrorists are linked to the Al-Qaeda subcontinent Karachi network and are considered to be key operatives of the Al-Qaeda subcontinent.

The SSP Special Unit said the suspects were fully trained in Afghanistan. The names of the suspects are Muhammad Omar, Mohammad Bilal alias Fida, Mohammad Wasim, and Mohammad Amir. The wealthy of the group is based in Afghanistan, named Mohammad Haneef alias Zarar alias Ayub.

According to the special unit, the goods recovered from the terrorists include various types of miscellaneous material, 10 detonators, remote, ID receiver, 2 meters sown card, 3 hand grenades, and 2 Kalashnikovs.

SSP Irfan Bahadur said that the target of terrorists was Pakistan Stock Exchange and City Court, Police Training Center, and Enforcement Agency offices were also included in their target. According to the special unit, the investigation into the suspects is underway, and hopefully, important revelations will come out.

It is not cleared which intelligence agencies of Pakistan did this successful operation it may be ISI, MI, or FIA but once again these agencies have proved themselves that they are number one.

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