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Alice Cutter “Miss Hitler” of Neo Nazis Terror Group Jailed

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Neo Nazi Alice Cutter A former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant has been jailed for three years along with his ex-partner Mark Jones after being found guilty of membership of the banned Neo Nazis terrorist group National Action (NA).

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Alice cutter was convicted after a trial in March, Alice is 25 and his ex-partner Mark is 25. They both were convicted of membership of a terrorist Neo-Nazis Group. Alice is jailed for three years and Mark for five years & six months, while the other two Garry Jack who is 24 jailed for four years and six months and Connor Scothern who is 18 has been detained for 18 months. a judge told Garry “You became a dedicated member and were wholly committed to their ideology.” 

Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday sentenced four members. Judge Paul Farrer QC told them that, after NA was outlawed by the Government in 2016, “you weren’t prepared to dissociate yourselves from the vile ideology of this group and therefore defied the ban and continued as members”. (National action was founded in 2013).

Alice Cutter aka Miss Hitler & Group Further Detail


Alice Cutter Neo Nazis
Left Connor Scothern and Right Garry Jack

Alice Cutter Neo Nazis

Alice Cutter Neo Nazis
Left Alice Cutter and Right Mark Jones

A picture of Alice Cutter with the group has been released by the West Midlands Police and detailed tweets by the West Midlands Police on Twitter.


  • Garry Jack is 24 years old he is from Shard End, Birmingham, had attended almost every meeting of NA’s Midlands subgroup. 
  • Connor Scothern is 19 years old from Nottingham, was “considered future leadership material” he has also distributed stickers that have the message “final solution” which means Nazis’ genocide against the Jews. 
  • Cutter is 23 years old female, she denied that she is a member of Neo Nazi’s group

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